Uk spartans and their suits

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Nice one, looks like a great suit, I'd kill for one of the plasma rifles, I've got three pistols, two that work and one that's a dud.
Lol I probably should have said plasma pistols, id love one of the plasma rifles but the one ive seen are way too expensive for me. Id had thoughts of carving one from foam and casting it also im in the process of redesigning a new halo 3/4 suit but not sure of it.
I got mine years ago in a brief period of financial solvency. always regretted not getting the plasma pistol.
Im not a huge fan of the H4 suit, Did they ever explain how his suit changed between H3 and H4 when he was frozen in a tube?
As far as I know Jedi, cortana somehow changed his whole suit while John was kipping. How she did it being a hologram I don't know
I know the Kilo Five trilogy mentions that Naomi's suit has self adjusting nano-technology.
But if that's the case why is it scratched at the start of the game? I call shenanigans..:)
I pop back on the site for the first time in an Age, and there's activity in the UK section! Whoop!

I have a MKVI Halo3 multiplayer red Spartan, made from EVA foam with a modded Rubies 2-piece helmet, and for offensive purposes I have a resin Magnum, three of the laser-tag plasma pistols, a foam MA5c, and a foam BR55. There's also a foam SMG in the making/.
Very nice Rooney. I would love one of the plasma pistols but they are far too expensive for me now!
I've just finished building foam boots to replace the fibreglass ones. Going to coat them in Jesmonite before painting, hopefully I'll have better movement in them.
Hey all. Id be up for it but I've been working my suit 2yrs now. Iy would be nice to get motivated again as its so involvinglearning the computer language for the electronics and setting up the working parts . I'd like to post a piccy too but dont have rank...... viscious circle. 80)
Thats one of the benefits of Having a UK section. Hopefully we can jump start each others motivation. Maybe ever help with parts, hints and tips. That sort of thing..
I agree with you guys, seizing the initiative is helpful when you have others in the same boat, I'm planning another rebuild of my s139 suit from pep to foam but I'd like a change maybe a odst.
hey ninja, popped on just now after a while. im restarting my suit and saw your after a plasma pistol. if you still want one fdrop me a message and wel sort something out i have three so im not gonna miss one and im sure i can be fairer than ebay, hope to hear from you soon
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