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Well, Finnaly got my computer up and running. After the 8 week war its finnaly fixed. Jumping back into 3d and Modeling already, Got some work done on my Halo 3 Chief the other day and am planning to start modeling the great Elephant from Halo 3. However, I am lacking some good refrences :(. I have found a few OK perspective views but don't have any good direct side views or inside views of this thing.

Unfournatley I do not Have a 360 with me yet, early december I should have one but I am not willing to wait that long :p.

If its possible, I would appreciate if anybody could take some refrence pictures of the elephant for me.

What I need:

Direct Side View of BOTH sides.
Top looking down. (If Possible)
Direct Front View.
Lots of inside pictures.
A few perspective views if possible :p .



Welcome back Doom, I can attempt to get some pics for you once I get off work "about an hour"
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