Terrorizing Gamestop

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It made me giggle. You rule. Your armor never seizes to amaze me.
"Oh sh!t it's Master Chief!" LOL
Why did you steal your own game Master Chief?!? WHY!!!

You couldn't have been patient like the rest of us...who went in the back and left 3 twenties and a missing Halo3 copy..ololololololololololololol
That's so immature, wait until the mods see this...

Heh, that was great, Adam. I wish I could terrorize Gamestops in master chief armor...
"humpity hump hump" LOL nah thats great man, especialy at the end, "oh! crap! its master chief!", and then u say "gimme all the halos" or smthing LOL I was nearly crying when the woman thre the case thing at u! :lol: :lol:
Not open for further replies.