That talking flood thing

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Why is that talking flood there? The one that says "This is not your grave, but you are welcomed in it". What is he a SuperBrain Flood or what?
That is generally implied. You know, these sorts of questions could very easily be answered by wikipedia or any other sort of halo database.
Seriously, I'm getting really tired of these newb threads. SEARCH BEFORE YOU ASK! LOOK AT GOOGLE AND WIKI!
watch him not come back to look for answers too.
I'm also tired of people asking questions and not checking for answers.
Its Gravemind

As it turns out, a Gravemind is born when a Flood reaches a certain critical mass. It is the Flood personified, and carries with it the genetic memory of millenia of slumber. The purpose of a Gravemind is to consume and absorb every thinking creature in the Galaxy.

Only one Gravemind has manifested before the Halo 2 Gravemind. The first was stopped by the first activation of the Halo rings, by the Forerunners.

The Gravemind is a collection of fallen Flood and other lifeforms.
So when the flood were converting captain keyes, do any of you think they were trying to make another gravemind? I mean he seemed imobile and larger than a carrier form.
That was a flood brain, They are born from intelligent people to control ships and stuff. There was a small one in the pelican in halo 2. I think gravemind is a flood brain that grew out of control.
Thanks for the threadomancy. Please read the novels, graphic novels, and use halo.wikia for all your quick questions.
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