The 405th and Paintball/Airsoft

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New recruits:

Please note that we do not discuss using our costumes for use while playing paintball or in place or in addition to protective gear for any sport. Our costumes are purely for fun and for no protective purposes whatsoever and therefore we are not qualified to provide advice on any of the following:

1. Making armor to wear during paintball.
2. Making armor to wear over top of protective paintball gear.
3. Altering paintball gear by adding coloured film to visors which may in fact void your warranty.

You are more than welcome to share your build here, but any discussions with respect to that gear being used as protective gear or over top of protective gear for any purpose will not be allowed.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Division Staff
Pretty much if you're making gear to wear whilst doing something that can hurt you if you aren't wearing the PROPER gear, we don't want to hear about it and if we ever see it, we'll smack you. Or I will, at least. I like to.
Morning all!

I've cleaned up the thread a little. No one is in any trouble but given that this thread is about not discussing that topic which cannot be seems counterproductive to talk about said topic which cannot be discussed....:p

I'm going to lock the thread so we can wrap up the discussion and never ever mentioned it again...;)

If anyone comes along at a later time and has questions about this, please send me a PM and I'll gladly privately discuss with you why it shall remain that which cannot be discussed. hehehehe
Tms We are exploring this topic further in a staff forum right now, and your concerns have been noted.

All other members, please note that at this time all discussion regarding armor used as paintball/airsoft gear is not allowed, whether that is to argue if it is safe OR unsafe. Though I understand people have good intentions, none of these tests are condoned or encouraged by the 405th as an organization, and if you wish to discuss them, please do so off-site until we have an update regarding our policies on the subject.
I'm posting here because we're finding a large number of people discussing this topic once again.

We do not allow any discussions about how to make your gear wearable for any activity that requires you to have some kind of protection. Ever. I understand that you feel it is better to talk about it so people will do it safely, but we are not qualified to do this and the moment we allow conversations about it is the moment we condone it. I don't care if you try it out yourself and get away with it. I can't ever allow the 405th to be put in the position of being the reason someone gets hurt. Please remember that you only have to be 13 years of age to be a forum user here. A 13 year old isn't going to necessarily replicate everything you did that allowed you to test out your theory without being hurt. Heck some adults aren't either.

I appreciate everyone who has willingly altered their posts to remove any of this type of information. I know there was no ill will intended. I'm not asking for you to agree with me on this rule, but I am insisting that you all abide by it. From this point forward, we're going to need to be a little less accommodating about this and will start just removing posts ourselves regardless of whether there is other really helpful costume information in there or not. Please don't put us in the position of needing to do so. The moment you feel you need to put in a disclaimer is the moment you should delete that portion of your post.

If you have any questions about this, please drop me a PM and we can discuss your concerns.
Not open for further replies.