The Dictionary of Blackwell (with the help of others)

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  1. mblackwell1002


    Soo...I've listened. To what, you ask? The pleas and cries of my fellow 405thians in need of a super-improved vocabulary development.


    Well, in plainest terms, some dudes wanted weird swords that I made up, and a bunch of other funny definitions, which leaves me with some looooong days of typing. ;)

    Where do I start?

    How about the "p"s as a start? very alphabetical of me, I know. :D
    well, here goes!

    The P words
    I'll start with the important ones ;)

    Poop- \Phup\ Noun
    The brown excretions made by plants, humans, and especially dogs. This 'substance' is most often found under trees, toilet lids, and pillows, if you know any pranksters.

    Pee- \Pee\ Noun-
    A yellow, clear, and when beets are eaten, can sometimes lead to red 'pee'.
    sometimes referred to as "urine" as well, but Pee is preferred by most.

    Papeesheewoosh- \puh-pee-shee-woush\ Noun-
    An object of good craftsmanship; one which has taken much sweat and coffee (and often paint) to create. commonly referring to Halo.

    Example: Do you have any Papeesheewooshes?

    2: Papeesheewoosh- \puh-pee-shee-whoosh\ (see above) Adjective-
    Bewildering; Spectacular; Excellent (with an air guitar) (must use Bill and Ted voice)

    Example: That AR is so Papeesheewoosh!

    3: Papeesheewoosh- \puh-pee-shee-woush\ Verb-
    Flying through the air like Taco; Running around having no idea what you are doing like Taco.

    Example: Look at me, I'm Papeesheewooshing!

    Standby for more!! :D :D :D
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  2. mblackwell1002


    Judmalology- \jood-mah-lala-gee\- Noun
    The study of one's own impracticality and bad judgment.

    Multiportrupt- \Muhl-ti-port-rup\- Verb
    To carry too many props at one time, resulting in broken props and sad faces.

    that's all for today!

    I hope you all enjoy! PerniciousDuke, this was super fun, but I'll need help!
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  3. PerniciousDuke


    Hahaha! That's pretty great, man!

    I can't come up with words for your dictionary. :p But, I can continue to do stupid things that you can make fun of me for with new words. :D

    Like sometimes I can't feel my hand after pepping too many pages. Sometimes I hot glue my finger onto my pep too. :/ I'm sure you have a word for a failed 3d print (not like that ever happens to you though) and you undoubtedly have a sound effect for when a print finishes. :)
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  4. Dirtdives


    mblackwell1002, explanations and definitions are fine but can you please put them in to sentence form? And if possible, the appropriate sound effect would help.

    Cool Beans!!!!
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  5. mblackwell1002


    Alright, guys... Dirtdives, I have added examples; and PerniciousDuke, I have added both of your words. :D BTW, my printer remorforms all. the. time.

    Thermatoestruct \therhm-a-tuh-struct\ Verb-
    When one glues a paper or foam object to oneself with hot glue.

    Example: I hate it when I accidentally thermatoestruct my armor.

    Remorform \re-morph-orm\ Verb-
    A 3D printer's failure during a print process.

    Example: Dang, the printer Remorformed again!

    Hypofacsoond: \hi-po-fact-soon\ Noun-
    The sound a 3D printer makes when it has finished a print

    Example: Should we change the printer's hypofacsoond? The current one is a little bit annoying.

    Enjoy! :D
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  6. Dirtdives


    Hysterical and confusing at the same time......mblackwell1002, you are a true master of the Oxymoronic Universe.
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  7. PerniciousDuke


    Perfect! It's a little odd that your dictionary starts with poop and pee.. Idk, maybe not. I guess that's how we all start this world, as little pink bags of poop and pee. Carry on, Sir Blackwell!
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  8. mblackwell1002


    Amazeballs: \əˈmāzbôlz\ Adj-
    The most extreme form of amazing in which the word amazing becomes obsolete on its own.

    Example: That Rick Astley song was totally amazeballs!
    Note- courtesy of Schankerz!

    Help improve the Dictionary by finding silly things that you do, and tell me about it so that I can turn it into a word!
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  9. Crimmson


    I have honestly used amazed balls before. Love this thread
  10. mblackwell1002


    Bobloheaddesh \Bob-low-head-ish\ Adv-
    The appearance created when wearing a poorly-scaled Halo helmet. Mostly referring to Dirtdives

    Dirt, your helmet is Bobloheaddesh yet again!
    (I'm sorry, I had to:p)

    If you guys do anything silly, mention me so that I can make a word for it in your honor.
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  11. Dirtdives


    I'll take the honor of being the focal point of this word!!!!! Thank you!!

    Hey, what about a word that describes one who creates outlandish words....Balderdash is taken......Blwellderish?
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  12. PerniciousDuke


    Blwellderdish! I love it!

    Pronounced ba-luwill-dur-dish?
  13. mblackwell1002



    Blwellderdish \bull-well-der-dish\ Noun-
    A person who creates really awesome words

    Example: Man, mblackwell is so cool, right? He's such a blwellderdish!

    (kinda sounds like an insult, huh? I wonder who would be so mean)
    courtesy of Turddives dives, err... Dirtdives

    Craypaloogahoo \cray-puh-loo-guh-hoo\ Verb-
    when you realize the person that you have been talking to the past couple of days is just as crazy as you are

    Example: I just now Craypaloogahooed that SavedbyGraceG12 is insane.
    Courtesy of SavedbyGraceG12.
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  14. StayFrosty


    Bobloheaddesh is fantastic! Finally we have one word for the most feared form of miscalculation in scaling!
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  15. Thom A293

    Thom A293

    Working title:

    The process of dremmeling foam and creating a thin layer of foam dust in an improper dremmeling location, like a bedroom"

    ...and then you don't realize it until later when its too late for your room. R.I.P.
  16. Jme


    Waddahellhaepen / Whad-a-hell-hay-pen/ exclamation-

    When one has been away from the forum for too long and has to spend the next three weeks catching up on threads.
  17. mblackwell1002


    Hahaha! I don't think there needs to be a pronunciation for that one, Jme
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  18. PerniciousDuke


    I also think you all should give the idea of the word to Blackwell and have him come up with the word for it. As he is pretty creative on that note.
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  19. Thom A293

    Thom A293

    Ok I got another.
    When you are going to work on your build that day but instead spend more time on the 405th looking at other peoples builds and thinking "aww I cant wait to finish mine!"

    I have done this... way to often.
  20. PerniciousDuke


    Oh man tell me about it. 1 hour of building per 1 hour of foruming does not equate to much progress. I am in the same boat. I have to put my phone in a different room now when I start building.
  21. mblackwell1002


    alright friends! it is time for more...words?

    Augafachroning /og-off-uh-chron/ Verb-
    To spend more time on the 405th than working on a project, even when you predetermine that you will work on your build that day.

    "Thom A293, you need to work on your Augofachroning!"

    Comacaduse /com-uh-cuh-doose/ Noun-
    The thin layer of Dremeled foam dust inside an improper location, such as a bedroom.

    "There's a comacaduse in my kitchen...again!"

    Abellicubiated /ah-belly-cooh-bee-ate-ed/
    A feeling of anger created by oneself at themself for having too many projects.

    "I am soooo abellicubiated right now because I have like 10 projects going"

    Thanks for reading, and I hope you all enjoy!
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  22. mblackwell1002


    Asumandramaticanim- /asoom-ondra-matty-can-ihm/ Adj-
    Utterly amazing; so amazing that it can make Nathan fillion himself speechless.

    "That stuff is really asumandramaticanim; do you plan on detailing it any more?
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