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  • hello .. i star to play whit blender .. and i manage to do some stuff .. ill try to make a post to share the practice
    I was wanting to know if you are able to make the Devastation Complex Armor Set as Pepakura files? I don't know if you are busy or not but if you could that would be awesome!
    hope ur doing fine.. im wondering if u can help me whit a project ... i ask a few people but they never answer. I try to work it but i don't have the full knowledge to do it right
    i have a 3d file from MORTAL KOMBAT " triborg "
    and i wondering .. if u can fix it to be human scale {"proportions")

    Thanks for ur time!
    hello! sr.
    Sorry for the inconvenience, I was wondering if there's any chance you could make the Jovian Guard armor set.?
    I literally got it a week ago so its not even ready yet and its no inconvenience Shonen
    LMAO!!!! 2 year olds are definitely worse that the Elites or Brutes in my opinion.
    Maybe some super glue can get him back in the fight.
    Hey there, thanks for the friend request. If you have any questions regarding Japanese related content, you can ask me. :)
    Hey man I saw a post by you that said you work for a fracking company. I was curious which one and where. I drive a water truck in the oil fields in Utah and spend slot of time on frac sites.
    Ok so I started modeling with blender nothing to brag about yet. Thanks to kingrahl for pointing me in the right direction. I plan to model all of the halo 4 shoulder armor first to get some good practice before I move in to more complex armor pieces. I put up the mk6 shoulder in the halo 4 files with in thread. Any critiques would be great. I would have never thought that I would get into 3d modeling when I joined the 405th, this community is great. I learned how to build props and 3d modeling. Wow. Good luck on your build.
    ok, so i finally started to get on line with halo 4 and i like it alot, i have mostly been on waypoint and ops. i was able to redeme my codes and got some pretty neat armor. i am currently learning blender but we shall see how that goes.
    My wife got me the halo 4 xbox. Now I am gonna jade kiss her butt. This thing is nicer than the gears of war xbox she got me last year. Don't know how I am gonna make it up to her.
    Halo 4 came out and I am stuck out here in the oil fields. Green with jealously. Won't get to go home till tomorrow. I hope you guys are enjoying the game, can't wait.
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one of these days i am gonna grow up to be a chibi spartan

writing, drawing, pep, cooking, playing with my daughters
May 6, 1977 (Age: 47)
corpus christi, tx; midland, tx
generator mechanic, oil field mechanic
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watch this for motivation red vs blue