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The original mission of Alpha-Nine.

Discussion in 'General Halo Discussion' started by wolfriordan, May 18, 2018.

  1. wolfriordan

    wolfriordan New Member

    Am I the only one thinking there's not a chance in hell the ODSTs would have succeeded in their mission against that carrier in the start of Halo 3:ODST?

    For one thing, all the covenant resistance that you have to face from just the Delta Halo and Regret missions of Halo 2 would have had to be on board that ship. Not that Alpha-9 couldn't handle that many baddies, since they do pretty well in Halo 3 ODST, and there was at least one other squad supposed to go in with them in that opening scene. But, inside a covenant ship, ultra-close quarters, with only one full compliment of ammo and considering how many honour guards there were, I highly doubt they'd have made it.

    Especially since about as many ODSTs are deployed on Delta Halo and by the end of Regret only the chief is alive. And during those two missions you get a warthog, a tank, and 4 resupplies and are a spartan. I would have to assume they weren't going to be deployed to take out Regret and completely clear the ship, but just disable his ship so a larger force could take him or some smaller objective towards a larger goal. But, that wouldn't have mattered because they jumped, so whatever smaller part of the whole fight they woulda had would have become a battle of attrition against the whole ship in orbit around Halo. Already too much, I think. But, then tack on the massive fleet that followed it, or the flood release, or the inevitable capture and killing of just about every other marine in Halo 2 from the In Amber Clad and there's just about no way a single one of them could have lucked out hard enough to make it.

    They'd have had to have dropped into the carrier, go with it when it jumped, pull off their mission, let's say disable the ship, In Amber Clad would have to coordinate with them, get the Master Chief on board the ship with all those other ODSTs and Marines as back-up, fight their way through, kill Regret, get captured, and either wind up with the Chief, on High Charity, fight with stolen covenant weapons through the entire holy city during the great schism and flood outbreak stow away with the Chief, then still make it out of the Prophet of Truth's ship, get linked back up with the surviving UNSC forces from the battle of the ARK and make it back to Earth. Or, easier wind up with the Arbiter and possibly hitch a ride home with Johnson. But holy hell would even all that be unlikely.

    Anyone else think that mission was a total one-way ticket? With or possibly without the unexpected jump?

    Especially with the gear they brought with them. One assault rifle, three SMGs, three magnums, a rocket launcher, a spartan laser, a sniper rifle and just a ton of explosive charges. For the most part only the assault rifle and SMGs would have been able to be used in the tight corridors and the laser and rockets wouldn't last long.
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  2. ODST Langford

    ODST Langford New Member

    Missing the carrier was intentional from ONI , DARE had a different mission right from the beginning. (here is an excerpt from Halo Wikia)

    Moments before the ODSTs' drop, Dare; wearing an ONI's Recon variant of the ODST armor, took command of the squad led by GySgt Edward Buck, causing some confusion among the squad members,[11] and told him that attacking the Carrier was not their mission anymore.[12] During the drop, she ordered the squad to change their Drop Pods' course at the last moment so they could perform her mission, just as the ship entered Slipspace, damaging the city and releasing a large EMP wave which disabled the pods' electronic systems and scattered them around the city. Dare's pod landed in Tayari Plaza. However, she was stuck in her pod, so she radioed Buck for help. But when he arrived at her location, her pod was empty; he presumed her dead when he saw her helmet in the grasp of an unknown alien creature. Thinking it would kill Buck, Romeo killed it and in the resulting explosion her Recon Helmet was launched through a window and into the TV screen where the Rookie found it later.[13]

    Six hours after the drop, Dare had made her way to sub-level 9 of the Superintendent's data center. Following her trail was the Rookie; Dare was surprised to see him. With him, she makes her way to the core, explaining to the Rookie that their original mission was to retrieve crucial information that the Superintendent has on a seismic anomaly prior to the Covenant invasion. The mission, however, would've been suicide to go alone, as Dare needed a team behind her. As there were only two ODSTs battling through Covenant forces, Dare was impressed with the Rookie, amazed he survived alone in the city.

    When they got to the Data Center, she discovered an Engineer that she initially believed was trying to harm Vergil. Upon further investigation, she had realized the Engineer was actually trying to help the Superintendent by repairing it. Her investigation also led her to believe that the Engineer was assimilating the Superintendent's data in order to help the UNSC discover the Covenant's intentions for the city. With the data secure inside the Engineer, the Rookie and Dare began an attempt to evacuate it to the surface.

    A month later, Admiral Terrence Hood grants Sergeant Major Johnson clearance to interrogate Vergil as to what the Covenant wants on Earth. Dare warns him to be gentle with their ally. As they enter the room, Vergil was in the process of accessing the Covenant Battle Network, which the squad was unable to comprehend as to how it maintains a remote connection. Johnson tossed the Engineer his lighter; Dare warns him that the creature is very flammable; Johnson cut straight to the chase, telling Vergil to answer his questions as to why the Covenant is "digging."

    Also Refer to the Beginning of ODST for the new mission. She told the squad to change course on purpose and said thats where she needed to go. Buck even said we are going to miss the carrier
  3. wolfriordan

    wolfriordan New Member

    I know Dare took over the mission, but the troopers weren't aware of that to start with. It seemed like Buck had only just found out before he entered the opening scene and there were plenty of other pods that came down, most of which I assume weren't going to be in on Dare's plan. In fact, we know Buck's team was only selected because of Veronica's feelings for him. Seems like the carrier mission was at least going to be legit and she may have known it was a one way ticket, had a mission that would get him out of it, and took the opportunity.
  4. PerniciousDuke

    PerniciousDuke RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    That seems most likely.

    Your complaint is that the ODST mission isn't plausible because it was a one way ticket? There moto is "feet first into hell" because they believe any time they are deployed it is a one way mission. That's what makes them BA.
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  5. wolfriordan

    wolfriordan New Member

    Not really a complaint, I know they take the craziest jobs with a grin, and if it was like I suspect, where their mission was to just disable the ship, (judging mostly by the explosives and where it was located at the time, as well as them talking about taking out the carrier, not ever mentioning Regret) not expecting it to jump, and expecting that more of the ODSTs dropped would survive the deployment, maybe with how crazy good Alpha Nine is, plus some equally bad dudes in other teams (with a way better CQB set of load outs I'd hope) they could have had a few make it out in mostly one piece. I'm more or less just speculating on how it would have gone down and how super unlikely with everything that happened that they'd have made it if it weren't for Dare commandeering them. Suicide missions are one thing, you might succeed, even if making it back is a fever dream, but at a certain point it's just running into bullets. Or, plasma, in this case. Makes you really think just how lucky Buck is. Get's saved by the Chief, gets saved by Noble Six, gets saved by Dare, he's one lucky SOB.
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  6. PerniciousDuke

    PerniciousDuke RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    Haha, yeah. Makes me want a Spartan Buck game. See how much luckier he can be with a super suit on his side!

    They had a group interview on Waypoint (or Halo Channel?) with Frankie and Nathan, a few others. Nathan is a big fan. He'd probably **** if he had his own game.

    But, for how they would have done their original mission... I guess I dont know enough to speculate, but it sounds like you're on the right track.

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