THE Tutorial Announcement!

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Dear members,

As I am sure you are all aware, Sean Bradley has been working very hard to complete his fabricated Spartan armor tutorial. I have decided to join him on this conquest to create the Tutorial Forums. I volunteered to help Sean get his tutorial posted to this site and we are both currently working very hard to make it all happen. Adam created the new Forums for us to do so, and has ultimate control over how this addition will influence the site.

The most frequent question we get is; 'How do I get in?' The short answer is; 'with patience'. For everyone who is sick of hearing that; here’s the long Answer:

When we decide that it's time to let people in to see the first full step-by-step Spartan armor tutorial, we will let some of our most trusted and helpful members in. ***ATTENTION: There is nothing you can PM us about to gain access sooner... in fact you will find that bugging us while we are working hard to get this done is a sure-fire way to get bumped to the bottom of our list. We appreciate your enthusiasm, but we get harassed quite a lot about this, and every distraction that comes our way delays the completion of the Tutorial just a little more.

We do not have any information on a possible deluxe version of the tutorial for purchase.

Being able to view this tutorial will be by invite only, but if we see that you're on the forums and helping out by asking intelligent questions and being authentically helpful to others you'll be higher on our list. NOTE: THIS DOES NOT IN ANY WAY MEAN MORE POSTS = BETTER CHANCES. Respect and help out the community here and you will not go unrewarded. We are not trying to keep you all out of the loop; we just want to reward the members that have been participating on the forums in a supportive and responsible way

If you are selected by Sean and I to come see the tutorial, you will be notified by Private Messaging. General members will not be notified who has gained access to the tutorial. If any member is seen bragging that they have gained access to the tutorial section, their access will be revoked and their general membership on this site will be reviewed.

In essence; be a helpful and responsible member of this site and you will get to see the tutorials sooner or later. These tutorials will be an exclusive feature of, therefore we need to know that we can trust the people we let in to see them. When we get things completely finished, we'll make sure to let you all know. If the tutorial is ever fully opened to everyone here, we'll let you know. Until then, just be reassured that the full Spartan Armor tutorial will be hosted here very soon and you may be among first to see it.

Oh, and please be patient. ;-) Thank you.

-Redsleighdown and Sean Bradley
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