Thigh fitment?

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I'm using the file from the armory (hd) for the halo 3 thigh. I'm confident that I have scaled it right, however bending the knee back is a little tight. Is this correct? What have you guys experienced? Thanks in advance.

Sean Anwalt

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Generally, when you have these kinds of problems it is because the patterns of the suit are based on video game characters, and don't allow for real joint movement. I bet if you take the back of the knee and cut out a small section from the bottom of the piece, you'll have better movement.

I'll try to find a picture of what I mean, hold on...
K, assume the red line is the current armor piece bottom. If you trim away the back portion, indicated by the yellow (easier to do once glassed, if your pepping it) that will work. Remember to start small and go bigger, though. If you remove large pieces it is difficult to reattach them.


You will probably have to do something similar to the shins.
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