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  • Hey there spartan. I have to start that I am a big fan of your work! I have come across some of your legacy in 4 shared and wanted to ask your permission in sharing it with the populace:Reach elite zealot
    Hey, after a bit of lurking, I stumbled upon your Halo: Reach Elite asset files... Do you think maybe you could re-upload those or email them to me? Really the only piece I need is the hand plate to be honest... I'm currently 3D printing a MK VI helmet and planning on tackling a wearable elite assassination blade. Get back to me when you can if you're willing to offer those files up.
    I dropped it. When I initially signed up, I put the vh99 on there because I was sure "Carpathia" was taken. 4 years later and I'm still the only one with it in my user name.
    hi sir, i was wondering since you said you had 7000 something of files, i was wondering if you had any tmnt original movie shredder helmet and mk movie scorpions mask?? both from the movies not games or animated series. please help
    Hey, I love that database. Thanks for putting together something so great, I sort of wish the "Pepakura Files" link at the top would head to that instead of a blank screen. Great job!
    Hi I tried downloading your Scout Shoulders (I believe them to be the Reach CGQ Shoulders?) but the 4shared link from the official halo reach pep thread here doesn't work. Do you have them uploaded anywhere else? Thanks, Ben
    hey dude i noticed that on your reach file data base you uploaded my shotgun but its not unfoldered i have a version that i unfoldered myself if you want to upload that version instead?
    oh ok dude thats sounds cool :) althouth i did unfold it myself last night and found a few wierd errors in the model but cant find them to fix
    hey dude if you want i can send you the shotgun file and you can try an unfold it for me if you like :) as i think it realy needs doing cos i want to make the shotgun but also cos im sure other people would like to have a shotgun model aswel :)
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