This a new Number 6? Affirmatif !


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After my first armor,
Only resin , fiberglass but no bondo.

I have this result :

No really bad but I want to do a better armor.
I give to me 9 month to make a Noble 6 Armor.

I planning to use pepakura and add polyester resin and fiberglass and bondo at the end (just need to buy a dremel).
And make a undersuit.

I will use this files :
if somebody know better files tell me :)

Helmet : model by Rundown Unfolded by Ral Partha
Chest : model by lganderson, Unfold by lganderson
Uperarm :model by Rundown Unfolded by box o crayons
Forearm : model by Rundown Unfolded by McPrimus
Or : model by SJSUSPARTAN / Spartan-029 unfold by carpathiavh99
Handplates :model by Ruze789 Unfold by Zero2o2
Pelvis/Cod : Rhinoc or Rundown file I don't know.
Thight :model by SJSUSPARTAN / Spartan-029 Unfold by Ral Partha
Spartan Knee
Shin : model by lganderson, Unfold by lganderson
Or : model by Rundown unfold by rvb18
Spartan boot armor.

I will start next week (need to buy paper)

If someone have any ideas or advice tell me :)


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Agent Arizona

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I made that file of Lex's new chest file. Its pretty easy to make i didnt have any huge problems with it other then those really small details on the front. You might also want to leave the neck seal out so you can fit your head into it