This Armor mod should be cool....right?

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Well im awaiting the new armor from Link (hehe)
and ive been brainstorming some ideas for mods to the armor that may be a little more unique. I havent seen anyone talking about mounting some small computer/stereo speakers in any parts of the armor
Ive already found (what i think) that would work perfectly; then wire it down past my arm and make a open/close compartment in the forearm.
Any input on this guys?
speakers have been talked about. Itd be cool to put them in the helmet if there is room. If not put big ones in the backpack.
ohh well ill admit i didnt look too hard for the mentioning on it :)
but my idea was to mount some small ones not in the helmet but more like over the shoulders on the chestplate. ill get some sketch pics of my ideas soon. that may make it a little less confusing
Very cool!

Some costuming stuff (non MJOLNIR) I made in the past allotted for me to put a cooling fans as well as I went to Radio Shack and picked up a cheapy PA Horn... ones of those mini ones. After taking it (the PA) apart, I re built it into a chest piece and then ran wires to a PTT (Push to talk) that was located INSIDE my gloves.

It worked very well and was very low in cost.
Yes, above the shoulders would be the perfect spot. That's where I'll be putting mine. I'll cut out the insides of the cross section, put in screen door material, and cloth behind it. There inside, will be small speakers.
im putting speakers in my helmet, mabeey i posted about it but i dont remember, and a bunch more electronic stuff in it, when im done im gonna post it on the forums of course :roll:
I think the installation of a HUD would be pretty interesting actually. I like these ideas of more random stuff haha. The phone thing has already been invented; its called BlueTooth :)
Regarding a HUD, I have a buddy of mine working onthe HUD as we speak!!! It was something we were using for another project but we will now shift to use it for our MC Helms! Will post up as we get closer!
The HUD we are working on is using a Holographic Film sheet mounted on a 2mm thick piece of clear plastic. It is set at an angle just inside the lense.

This allows to see through it and does not distort or block your field of vision.
There are 2 mods we are testing out on this.... One is having the VID images come from the bottom or from the top. Right now it looks favorable for the top (just inside the visor of the helmet)... that area can store most of the reciever equipment.

Again, this is just in the embryo stage... hoping to be at fetus stage over the next couple weeks or so.

Until then... think of it this way..... print up a picture or document on your computer. Then, picture yourself driving your car during the day (and no, not will wearing your armor! LOL).... place the paper on top of your dash board.

Because your windshield is at an angle and light reflects of the page, it casts a ghost reflection on the windshield that you can clearly see. Basically creating a HUD. We are working on a similar concept!
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