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Actually, the Xbox 360 controller does not 'fit like a gun'. I love airsoft and paintball. My airsoft armory includes a G17, Sig552, M4A1, P99, and an AUG - at least half of them being accurate replicas of the real thing. Other airsoft weapons I've used are a Desert Eagle, .375 revolver, M14, Dragunov, AK-47, M1911, G36, several various issues of the MP series (i.e. MP5, MP5K, MP7), a PSG-1, a Mac11, and a USP. A friend of mine has several replica firearms, many of which are of the same models (or similar) to our airsoft weaponry - I have compared the two to be quite similar. NONE of the weapons - real or fake - that I have ever held feels at all like the Xbox 460 controller.

I have seen horror films, I have seen action films, I have played Halo, I have seen pictures of dead bodies (shot, raped, knifed, etc.), I have heard real and prop ('blank') guns firing. Despite these experiences, I am not 'desensitized'. I oppose violence in life, I oppose real firearms, and I am still shocked when I see injured sick or dying persons.

'Corporate Symbolism' cannot be attributed to their 'domination'. Bungie's 'cells' are, if I remember correctly, hexagonal - not the shape of any currently known cell (not to my knowledge, anyway). What's your internet browser? Your Bungie argument is equally as stupid as saying that Firefox is exerting 'control' because there is a fire fox orbiting (and covering) most of Earth. As a graphics student, 'Corporate Symbolism' is designed to stick in your mind - something catchy or interesting to catch your attention and help you remember the company - NOT to dominate the minds of people by 'Company Controlled Mass Media'. Corporate Symbolism is unavoidable, and frankly the only company that could be associated with CCMM is McDonald's.

You'll learn. This is not worth the argument, only because you think McDs is the only one. Keep studying graphics, maybe something will spark.
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I am 31 and depending where, I get carded when buying Super-glue, spray paint, fiberglass and other such things.
I am constantly mistaken for a teenager.
Alright, video games are not to blame, as stated before... it's distributors and parents. Now there are the good parents making sure their kids are playing games appropriate for their age and distributors that make sure that people are of age or buying for some one of age. But those examples are far and few. Now obviously the system is easily thwarted when it comes to video game retail, but that's where the parents come in. It's their job to make sure that their kids are brought up well, not the schools, your family doctor or the government. That’s all I’m going to rant about... but if you want to see a really long one I wrote a while ago, check out the link...
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