Thorssoli's HALO 3 Marine(s)


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that was the most badass bike ever, I also like the POW caps I'll have to make me some(Or find out if there bought retail).



I started with a handful of acrylic discs and engraved different things on them (POW, pew pew pew, Kaboom Yo!, etc.), then took a mold so I could cast copies in orange pigmented resin. If you'd like a few, I'll sell them for $2.00 a pair shipped in the US. Let me know.
Ooh, those POW caps look neat! I was contemplating bringing my Tactonyx DMR, but didn't want to get busted by the cops since I didn't have an orange tip.

Hey Thorssoli how exactly did you get that glowing orange background effect for your booth? That was an awesome feature
Will you be going next year?


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Hey Thorssoli how exactly did you get that glowing orange background effect for your booth? That was an awesome feature
Will you be going next year?

The background was actually backlit with a pair of normal household fluorescent lights with red tubes on the bulbs to color the light.

I'm not sure if I really want to go next year. I had a good time, but it was ridiculously crowded and there was a lot of stress involved in getting everything geared up and ready to go. If I do go again, I'm going to put up a display that involves a lot fewer moving parts and I'll be sure to set up a commercial booth so I can actually sell things (such as my Combat Garden Gnomes) to make a bit of money for my troubles.

The good part is that I've got a lot of leftover stuff from the display this year that I won't be needing anymore. I've started listing things on ebay to help offset the costs involved in building the booth.

I've promised a couple of times to put together a shopping list to help folks find all of the soft parts they'll need to match the look of my Marines. Here's what I've come up with so far:

ALICE pack shoulder straps:
Black plastic buckles and nylon straps:
Yellow lens Radians Safety Glasses:
Knee and Elbow Pads:
Duty Belts: Cheaper than Dirt also had the majority of the OD Green MOLLE pouches I ordered.
MOLLE Thigh Panels: I'm not really happy with this supplier (they only shipped 4 of the 16 panels I ordered and didn't think they had to apologize for missing my deadline, but I got 75% of my money back via Paypal)

I was initially a bit leery about ordering from (their paypal username comes up as "ebaybanned" when you make payment) but luckily my experience went well. You will want to allow plenty of time for them to ship to you, but their prices cannot be beat. Buyer beware though, I was buying the items I bought to be used for costuming. There were no shortage of defects in materials and workmanship that might cause you problems if you plan on putting their stuff through rigorous use. It's worth pointing out that the next best price I found for Multicam fatigues of any kind would've cost me nearly four times as much money.

Hopefully this will help you out if you're looking to make your own H3 Marine costume. I've still got lots of spare parts though, so shoot me an email if you need anything.


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WoW! Thanks for the list! I'm making a Marine costume and this helps point me in the right direction! Are you going to add any more stuff to the list?

Again, thanks a ton! This helps emmensly!


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Are you going to add any more stuff to the list?

No, aside from a pair of combat boots (black in order to look like the in-game characters) the only other thing you really need is a set of armor and a helmet. If you'd like to get a set of my vac-formed armor and one of my helmet casts, shoot me an email.


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I figured I might as well share this here...

My neice hit me up for some costume help the other day and I ended up giving her an untrimmed set of my marine armor for Halloween as well as a corner to work on it. All told, she's spent about seven days in the workshop after school and she's managed to put her armor together in between helping me by taking pictures and putthing things away.

She's a mess with a rivet gun, but the results aren't terrible for an eleven-year-old:

Once she's finished painting and weathering it and getting the rest of the soft parts together, I'll take a few more pics.