Tires on Halo 3

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I think bungie should make the tires popable. That would make the game more realistic. I dont know thats my opinion, what do you think?
i dont think you could pop the military tires at that time. they might be solid rubber. but it would make things difficult sometimes.
i didnt know that Military vehicles had Kevlar in them but if i would have thought about it i could have realized that. thats sweet.
Well, you know if they have the "gas tank" on the Ghost in plain view and it's destructable, I think the Warthog's should have something similar.
Like the others say, the tires would have been designed to resist such damage, although I can understand why it would have been a neat feature.
I dont think I would like it because it runs the risk of happening to often with that size tires, any decent sniper or a passerby could pop them easily, the ghost has the tank because it only needs one person on it to be dangerous
actually in most cases, you cannot "pop" a tire using bullets, unless you have a hell of alot of them.

Basically the bullets are traveling so fast that when they hit the rubber, it instantly liquifies the rubber. So basically your making a hole but instantly welding it shut again due to the heat.

I learned this in recent military training I had.

Who would have thought! :lindsey:
Darth-Malevelus said:
...basically your making a hole but instantly welding it shut again due to the heat.

It would be so awesome to shoot the very edge of the tire that's on the ground and fuse it to the ground.
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