Total cost of a assault rifle and a few other things...


Well if you have already seen my last post you know what Im trying to do with the assault rifle, but im wondering the cost of them. I know theres ones for cost of armour, but thats not what ive got.

For a decent quality, assault rifle made out of fiberglass, cardboard, resin, and paint, how much would that run up to?

If all goes according to plan ill try to make a few other things, anyone know the cost of these?:

-Halo 3 Magnum
-Halo 3 Sniper Rifle
-Halo 3 Non-Linear Gallien Rifle (Spartan laser)
-Halo 3 Plasma pistol
-Halo 3 frag grenade

Time limit isnt much of a problem, ill work with them while I build my robots, so just about any time amount.

Also if its possible, is there any life sized blue prints of them? I found this excellant blueprint for the Gallien rifle, and made a great looking one out of posterboard and some paint for like 15 bucks, that I gave as a present, but is there any for any other guns?


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Depending on materials,

Cardboard is free (Check with shops)

Fiberglass : 25$/gal

Bondo : 20$

Paint 5-15$



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it's very easy actually. Usually the hardest part is just figuring out how you want to finish the rifle (with bondo, "mud" etc)