Trickdog's Armor

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When it comes to armor, the best I have is air.
Nevermind, I was going to say I have a 3d model of him, but it's just the halo 2 version(they are different, very small but important details have been changed). You'd also need a 3d program.
Search for refence pictures, you'll find a link with tons and tons of high quality shots of the blue relm helmet, the most accurate one aliiivvveeeee...every angle, detail, and atom was pictured!
I finished my chest pep armor and cardboarded it up at the same time resin/fiberglassed my helmet/hip armor. those i did yesterday and today after school (in school now) i am going to resin the chest and print arm pep. I went to local motor cylce store and bought a shield off of a helm (gold) for 20 bucks flat! i got lucky :p

edit: oh yeah i got to bondo the resined items too. should i sand current layer of resin before applying bondo even thoguh im going to sand bondo? do i bondo the inside of the helmet? thanks alot! i pretty much have all the material to finish my armor except underarmor clothes
No real reason to bondo the inside, just use a pad...

And yes, use some 80 grit sand paper to just rought he surfaces you plan to add Bondo Putty to... Bondo sticks best to clean, dry, rough surfaces...
Ok here are QUITE A FEW updates :p

i got my shield 20 bucks and here it is:

then a big step...boom! i bondoed the helm, sanded, painted, insterted visor.... (re-did sanding and painting!!!)

then another....BOOM! (new sanded-painted helmet)

no underarmor yet but i am getting it tomorrow. i also have right thigh done but i dont wanna show only one thigh! :D ill take more pictures of anything you guys request :p
My only complaint is the roughness and the crotch peice being slightly big, but if your not like us, and juust arandom halo fan, you'll be too caught up in, OMG HE HAS ARMOR, COOL.

But for going from cardboard to something cool, good job
I think a quick stop at the goodwill is your best bet, I got a black sweat shirt, and black sweat pants. 3 dollars ftw.
AoBfrost said:
I think a quick stop at the goodwill is your best bet, I got a black sweat shirt, and black sweat pants. 3 dollars ftw.
i already got the under armor and its like tight light stretchy type!
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