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Motivation for working on costumes has been a struggle this last little bit so when a project looks like fun I'm going to jump on it and ride the building wave while it's here. This is a build partially to blame because of Spidermonkey60, ZettaiKagerou, CdnameArkangel and iac300 constantly shouting about Marine Gang but Rock Lobbster pointing out the opportunity to do another Halo Legends build sold me on this.

The current plan is to make the base armour of the Halo 3 Marine as seen in the Master Chief Collection on PC and use two variants of BDU underneath depending on the load-out for Halo 3 or Halo Legends. The primary difference between the two load-outs is BDU and glove patterns with a few other pieces having different paint schemes.

The Halo 3 variant that we all know and love will be an attempt to make something fun and also fill in some missing items in the Armory. I'll be making the base Marine as well as designing a Hornet Pilot chest UA attachment and helmet to swap into whenever it seems fun to. The chest attachment will be magnetized and removable so it should be a fairly easy add on that other people can follow along with if they're interested.

For Halo Legends a solid drab BDU pattern is used in place of the three tone camouflage. The gloves replace the pouches with a hard plate vambrace. The fanny pack is also a dark colour and appears to be considered part of the flak vest. Most importantly this version is much more anime and follows my trend of costuming female Halo characters that die horribly.

As usual I will use the original post as an index to link to other posts of note as well as a tracking sheet for progress and material consumption.

Thread Index
Helmet - Halo 3 CH252 [Surface Prep]

Modeling - 8 hours
Printing - 38 hours
Resin/Fiberglass - 1 hour
Sanding - 2 hours

Helmet - Halo 3 Hornet Pilot [Printing]
Modeling - 17 hours

Torso Base - [Awaiting Progress]

Torso UA Attachment - [Surface Prep]

Modeling - 7 hours
Printing - 40 hours

Foam unfold by ODCA

Shoulders/Biceps - [Awaiting Progress]

Gloves - [Awaiting Progress]

Thighs - [Awaiting Progress]

Shins/Boots - [Awaiting Progress]

BDUs - [Awaiting Progress]

Flak Vest and Rigging - [Awaiting Progress]

Build Cost Tracking
Materials Consumed

eSun PLA+ Grey - 1.2kg
Polyester Resin - 100mL
Fiberglass Cloth -

Expendable Materials Consumed
Sanding Pads - 1
Flapper Wheel Sanding Bits - 1
Brushes - 1

Tools Purchased for Build

Printer Replacement Parts

24V 40mm x 40mm x 10mm Blower Fan
PTFE Tubing
PC4-M10 Coupler - 2
0.4mm Mk8 Nozzles - 1

Consumables Consumed
Tim Horton's Dark Roast Double Double - 3
Phillips Brewing & Malt Co - Pandamonium - 1
Phillips Brewing & Malt Co - Solaris - 3
Phillips Brewing & Malt Co - Tiger Shark - 1
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Initial scaling of parts was done earlier this week and all patterns are printed. A huge thank you to Spidermonkey60 for sending me his revised unfold and making suggestions on scaling of specific pieces.

I'll be building the majority of this project out of foam but some specific buckles and fasteners will be 3D printed as required if no suitable metal fastener can be found. The M7 pictured below is one of the ones that I've had for quite some time and the helmet is something new that I designed in Fusion 360 today. There is other CH252 helmets available online for free but nothing quite says new project like sitting down and having fun designing a new helmet for the collection.

I got to play around with a new modeling approach since the CH252 is fairly simple it seemed like a good place to throw myself into the deep end and learn. The scaling test fits good on the Armorsmith Alien so now I'll go in and figure out all the attachments like goggles, rangefinders and microphones.



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Update on the things as the weekend begins. I've prepped the CH252 helmet for printing, scaled it and am about 60% through printing the prototype. One of the large printers decided it's cooling fans had had enough after... two and a half years so I'm just waiting on a replacement for those bits before printing the next prototype bits or a resize of this one if I don't like it. Anyway, please enjoy some fancy renders until I can post a test fitting of the helmet tomorrow.
Helmet Drawing.png

I think this turned out pretty good for eight hours of playing around with a new modeling process. Using this as a learning tool it helped me work out how to progress on the Pilot pieces which are currently nearing completion.
CH252 1.png
CH252 2.png
CH252 3.png
CH252 4.png
CH252 5.png


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Kind of a weird split purpose post. One half print progress, one half new design stuff.

For the first half I've got a sized and printed CH252 duct taped together and it looks good. It fits the Armorsmith alien and it fits my head but I'm going to make another one (currently printing as I write this post) at 3% larger for sake of comfort and appearance of armour plating as opposed to a tight fitting cap. I'll probably be keeping this one as a way of convincing my sister (the helmet fits her well) to join the Halo 3 Marine Gang and getting her to join in on more 405th events. Absolute worst case scenario this helmet used around 600g of filament and was a good proof of concept that can become a display piece at a booth when conventions start up again.
DSC_7290.JPG DSC_7291.JPG

As promised the second half of the post is shiny new parts fresh out of Fusion360. I've finalized the chest up-armour attachment for printing including split parts and recesses for installing lighting. It took me far too long into designing this to realize that it's just a modified ODST plate with parts cut out and extra buckles and panels added on. This version seen below breaks into several smaller sub assemblies for easy printing, the low-poly foam one is all one piece for ease of use in Pepakura Designer and Armorsmith.
Pilot Chest UA Drawing.png

The upper posts are going to be a pain in the butt since they're so narrow and I need to get an LED into each of them. I'll do a test print to see how much abuse the current sizing can bear but I have a feeling I may need to cast these to make sure that my clumsy tendencies won't break them off somewhere down the line. I've also left the back of the plate mostly hollow so that I can figure out a foam insert for magnetic attachment to the base chest plate and to black out the lights from bleeding onto the base Marine chest.
Pilot Chest UA 1.png
Pilot Chest UA 2.png
Pilot Chest UA 3.png
Pilot Chest UA 4.png
Pilot Chest UA 5.png
Pilot Chest UA 6.png

I've also included a low-poly version in this post that can be used for a foam unfold for those not faint of heart. We're missing this file in The Armory so if anyone wants to do a clean up and get their name on an Armory item for notoriety here's a thing to play with.



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did the foam unfold for the pilot chest piece, it was pretty fun!
View attachment 294904

this bad boy should also be in comic sans font!

I would love to unfold this helmet for foam as well if you'd like!
The helmet we have in the Armory is pretty solid but sure, I can send you a lower poly version that hopefully doesn't crash Pepakura. I'll PM you for an email because the file size even when compressed might be a bit big for the forums.


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Update on things because I've printed a lot and wanted to show some physical progress before the next digital progress post.

So far I've had this model finished for about ten days and I've printed three and a half helmets because of reasons. Two of the them are great and one is a little bit small and looking for a home. The one that I'm going to be using has been assembled, given an internal resin coat as well as a fiberglass layer to help give it a bit of an extra chance of surviving an impact of being dropped. It was a pretty quick and messy fiberglass job but it'll do the trick.

I trimmed the excess stabby bits around the neck and sanded the outside of the helmet to 80 grit. The outer shell is looking great and only a few places will need filler. Overall I'm really excited for an easy thing to sand for a change :p Most of the hard work can be done using detail sanders and then coming back for a nice glossy finish later with wet sanding.