TurboCharizard's Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Link Build Log

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    Thanks man! Fluffy armour is terrifying and bold new territory for me but I'll keep learning and get better at it! The detail game is strong in this costume, I don't know if it's on the same level as my NCR with hidden bonus details for fans of the game but there's still time to add to it, it hasn't even gotten it's maiden voyage yet.

    For post 100 in the thread I offer you this, an image of some Skookum history. This brush is probably older than a few forum members since I got it back when I started painting minis in 2001.

    And as a bonus a selection of photos of what probably got me into the arts and crafts world. What was your gateway to costuming?
    12994525_10156732007595431_8710615273116135884_n.jpg 15129017_10154787309432372_5212811743541772491_o.jpg 15168811_10154787309257372_7298804175346508848_o.jpg 17637029_693794034159221_6643815960568901275_o.jpg 25352193_10159613190350431_3489271905905824389_o.jpg

    Thanks for hanging out in this thread gang, it's been fun and I'm both excited and a little sad that it's coming to a close as the costume nears completion.
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    I think you need to dye your eyebrows and sideburns..........(snicker...snicker)....little elf boy......
  3. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    Apparently gluesticks and eyeliner or something. I don't know. Makeup is weird.
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    You’ve saved a brush...for more than a decade??? H...how have you done this sorcery...
  5. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    I mean... The case I store paints in I've had since 1999. I just take care of my things.
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    You just have to clean the brushes throughly and put them away dry. I have brushes from when I did miniatures as well. Some of my brushes are over 2 decades old. Older than my marriage even.
  7. TurboCharizard

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    One of the things I've been putting off for a while is these damn boots. Part of it was hoping I'd run into a pair that was more comfortable and closer to the in-game model. Part of it was not knowing what to do with these weird things.

    What the heck is that supposed to be? Is it a fake snap? Is it just there to cause me grief? I dunno mang. Time ticking down finally got me into modifying them to look more Hylian and less basic white girl. As build project goes, we start with a pattern! Jam the boots on with a thicker pair of pants than I'll be wearing on the day of and flex them skating/skiing/snowshoeing muscles while wrapping the section to be altered in tape and tin foil. Draw the shape in rough, cut the pattern away carefully along the split where the zipper is and then off to make everything look pretty.
    DSC_0894.JPG DSC_0895.JPG DSC_0896.JPG

    The shape was cut out and transferred to a vinyl that's similar to the one I used for my gauntlets but with coarser texture and heavier backing. The edges were pressed and sewn and then the whole piece was sewn along the cuff of the boot so that it folds over the top and hides the seam between the vinyl and the boot. Little known fact, making an archers guard, a spaulder, six gloves, two bracers, various belts and two boots uses almost exactly one spool of heavy duty thread.
    DSC_0897.JPG DSC_0899.JPG DSC_0900.JPG

    To stop the extended cuff from flapping free in the breeze I added a bit of self adhesive Velcro (yeah, that good heavy duty stuff from before) in strips to hold everything in place. Quick tip on applying this stuff, if you have no idea where your mating surface will be after placing one side, press the hook and loop sides together, remove the adhesive backing and then press the to be glued piece onto the already positioned Velcro. Simple tricks that work every time.
    DSC_0902.JPG DSC_0903.JPG

    For the weird fashionable fake snaps[?] I decided against cutting off the strapping and possibly finding that there was no pleather underneath it and just covering up the snap with something emblazoned with Legend of Zelda iconography since there's so little in the costume that calls back to previous games designs. So here's the first Triforce to be added to the costume. Yeah. That surprised me too. A Wingcrest and seven circles for the seven sages on a "brass" snap that's effectively a 1.5mm thick shell for the original weird things.
    Boot Detail Caps v1.png DSC_0901.JPG DSC_0906.JPG

    Back to the old reliables for paint, just a quick shot of Vallejo Model Colour 70.801 Brass drybrushed with P3 Solid Gold and then hit with Krylon ColorMaster Clear Gloss to protect it from the likely wet weather we'll be having out here in the Pacific temperate rainforest ecoregion. The work of a short evening and another tick in the box. According to Cosplanner I'm sitting at 99% completion. It doesn't help that I keep adding on fun little side projects to put more nods to Zelda lore. Don't worry folks, I'll keep showing you. I have a bit of a picture backlog to work through and organizing it into posts that I can share takes a little bit of time.
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    Now that's a stylish boot button. ;)
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  9. TurboCharizard

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    Silhouette is perfect. Day one in costume complete, only mild repairs required luckily.
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  11. Dirtdives


    But there is something about having your cake and eating it as well.....

    giphy-downsized (25).gif
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    The convention is over and I had a quick photo-shoot that yielded some fantastic results so expect to see some 100% build photos soon, but for now I'm going to start cleaning up the backlog of progress photos. WHO IS READY FOR SECRET SIDE PROJECTS!

    A major part of the cosplay contest was stage presence so as the goof I am, I decided I wanted to throw some references to the game franchise while being a memelord and also finish off a #GoPropYourself challenge. Enter this little bugger.

    In the game you can find ~900 Koroks hidden around the world and one of their most common hiding spots is underneath rocks, this months #GoPropYourself challenge was to make something using only foam look natural so obviously we had something going here. In the game if you mash the button to progress dialogue you'll finish the conversation with the recently found Korok and if you're not careful (or sadistic) you'll exit the dialogue, keep pressing the button and it'll drop the rock on the little dude's head. I wanted to see how many people in the audience would laugh/cheer/boo when I crushed the plush with a rock.

    Step one of making a rock, acquire a bunch of XPS foam scraps or alternatively make a Fuel Rod Cannon and save the scraps for one year. I based the size of the rock off of the approximate width of my shoulders and the height of the Korok and cut everything down roughly to a truncated cone before sticking layers together with 3M Super 77 and pressed together with a large heavy object. A section for the guy to hide inside while on stage was drilled and hollowed out and the outside was carved to shape using a belt sander and various carving tools after the glue cured.
    DSC_0881.JPG DSC_0883.JPG DSC_0892.JPG DSC_0893.JPG

    To add more texture and fill seams along sections that warped PolyFilla was used and lightly sanded. Since untreated XPS dissolves when in contact with aerosols and some other paints and adhesives I coated everything with three coats of acrylic gesso to create a protective barrier that's sandable and textured. Acrylic paints were layered, mixed and successive highlights were added to get an approximate slate tone. A clear coat was added to protect the final finish.
    DSC_0917.JPG DSC_0918.JPG DSC_0920.JPG

    And there you have it, a Korok-smasher.

    And a cute little guy picture as tax.
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    aghhhhhh the wait continues!!

    I’ve seen my GF perform this sadistic act of leaf midget rock smashing...I’m sure you’ll get something out of the crowd with this, I hope you’ve got someone recording it!!!
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    The leaf midget smashing is part laziness since it's less button presses to dump the rock on their head and part pure joy. The crowd loved it but not as much as my fourth pose.

    There was some recordings done in the crowd, none seem to be at a great angle. If you want the skip the contest to me being a memelord, here you go.

    The fourth pose was done more as a last minute "AHA" thing to give a nod to one of my best friends that cosplays and has gone from ironic dabbing to having it stuck to her online personality. I pulled the first non-self designed component of the costume down from MyMiniFactory so I could pray at a Goddess Statue. The glasses were an afterthought as I was loading up my car on the day of.
    DSC_0928.JPG DSC_0923.JPG

    No spoilers in the thread for contest results.
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