Tutorial: Pepakura building for dummies (or noobs)


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I am starting my first suit of Mark VI and I made a rough copy out of ordinary printer paper and I would like to know if it is a reasonable method and any tips for a first suit would be great.


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May I suggest, for people like me, who's hands becomes wet relatively fast, to use hair spray on the printed paper.

That will prevent ink from beeing erased or spread around.


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i have found out that also if you use laytechs gloves that also stops the wet hand prob. Also finding that if you want to reinforce the armor use small wiremesh between the layers of fiberglass whis way the armor do's not flake off wheen damaged also i am makeing second one out of sheatmettal and poting fome for fake flowers as for the boot~treds i am useing waterweld on the rubbe~tire witch will make it waterproff.as for my helmet i am haveing a prob i can't find the pep for the ODST~HELM.


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Hey guys, just finished my first scaled MKVI Helmet. I would appreciate feedback on it :) THANKS!!


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rvb4life said:
All right everyone, since I joined, i noticed that a lot of the people attempting pepakura (not the experienced, i understand) dont have ANY idea of what to do. they just join and ask questions.

Until today.

Reading the Frizzlefry tutorial is VERY helpful, until the parts are printed out and ready to be built. For those who have no idea of what to do after the printing and computer stage, READ ON.

This is for those who have hardly ANY experience with paper modeling or the pepakura designer layout.

Here is what you need.

1. Printed out parts (im making a FS torso)

2. Cutting knife (you can use scissors if you want, just a little harder with small parts)

3. Pens (to make clean folds)

4. Ruler (to make clean folds)

5. Cutting board (It helps save furniture)

6.Itunes (or ipod) to keep the boredom down

7. Pepakura designer with file open (itll be explained later)

just a question, my papers i printed...some of them have the tabs under the picture??? how do i tell how to cut that?
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Worked really well for me :) The only problem is my numbers are overlapping in some places, and hard to find where hey match in others... but I'll figure it out


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i know this sounds stupid but do i have to buy the pepakura program or is there a way around that. I dont havea credit card and i go the parents that dont trust the internet.

Just let me know if theres a way to get the program. Unless theres another way of making the helmets besides the pepakura that are simpler.
You can buy the an activation key for the program in order to save what things you make and or alter.

But the program is free aside from that and you get everything you need to scale your own pieces and rearrange them to your heart's content.


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Question.........Will gluing the pep pieces with hot glue hurt the overall outer appearance of my armor in the long run if I don't use bondo for the outside? And will my armor pieces still be strong after fiberglassing and resining, even if there are very small holes between sections?


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Im just curious but is it easyier to cut and glue sections (like lets say the front mouth gaurd) at the same time or cut every single peaice out and than sit down and glue the whole mask together (just curious)