[TUTORIAL]TheHeroTutorials - How To Use PEPAKURA For Costume Building

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    These tutorials made not by me. I hope this will be useful. Please Comment,SUbcribe and Rate :pP
    Part 1 - Intro

    Part 2 - Getting Started with Software

    Part 3 - Cutting / Folding

    Part 4 - Assembling The Pieces

    Part 5 - Strengthening

    Part 6 - Filling and Sanding Tips

    Part 7 - Painting Tips

    More info at TheHeroTutorials
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  2. higdog827

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    These are some very nice tutorials! Although, that thing with the zombie on the last video was odd to say the least. Anyway, since these arent your videos, you did get permission from the person who made them right?
  3. Pipinacan

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    yeah the zombie was a little dumb, but great tutorials!
  4. Erikm1811

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    One little question tho, he shows the Bondo brand Polyester resin, but then goes with the SmoothCast 310. Does the Bondo brand polyester get a little bit flexible with heat applied or does that technique only work with the SmoothCast resin?
  5. Basurci

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    Yes I did get permission.
  6. stealth

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    Hey man, thanks for posting these. I don't mind at all. It was a good idea.

    Sorry guys about the Zombie part. I was just trying to add some humor.
    Hopefully next time, I'll win your hearts lol

    I'm going make a part 8 which will be common Questions with answers. It going to be a long video and I will have a directory to each question in the description. So you can just go to the time spot and not have to search for the specific question.

    If you have anymore questions just post them here. I'm sure these will be the same questions people will ask again in the future so it will be a lot of help from you guys and I'd appreciate it.

    Thanks for watching


    As for the polyester resin. I actually have never used a heat gun on it. I've used polyester resin a long time ago on a master chief costume. A helmet and Torso. I didn't really have to fix them but after that I just switched to products with less fumes and less toxic to be around overall.

    If anyone has experience with that. please chime in and a share. Thanks.
  7. NovemberAdam

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    Hey guys.... a heat gun on the polyester resin works indeed! This is something I am going to keep in mind on future builds as it will likely help keep down the amount of bondo that is required to fill in low spots! :)
  8. higdog827

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    Im not saying theres anything wrong with the whole zombie thing, i actually got a laugh out of the whole plunger thing (Im hoping that wasnt a used plunger :p). And im looking forward to the next video, these tutorials were very well done, I even picked up a few tricks Im going to apply to my build! Thanks!
  9. j0wE

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    great tuts Stealth!

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