Two new beta leaks movies + one new level.

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guy sounds like a genius :roll:

Shouldn't it be Epitaph?

It would appear that the sword has no lock on feature. SWEET!
more videos here:

crazy custom colors:
The guy who's filming the 2nd video you linked is the world's crappiest cameraman, rofl. Made me sick.
i know why doesnt anyone think about things. which makes me think its stratigically released by bungie so we analyze it and post things on the internet about it and then they read and adapt.
All the analysing is kinda strange, I'd rather wait and see what actually is in the game, so that I'm pleasently suprised when i play and say "wow, thats a cool feature" or something like that, rather than seeing something in the beta videos and presuming that its other than what it is, then being dissapointed when I play the game because what i thought would be there isn't.
The video has been pulled down, likely the victim of Bungie's lethal assassins!

:shifty ninja: :slap: :bye2:

Oh well, the beta will start soon. I can be patient.
less than two weeks.. that's good. One week for Friends and Family of Microsoft. Expect LOTS of videos then.
i know counting down, then thats the day my dad gos to the hospital i might play early in the moring
from the sounds of it, looks like we're getting:

portable grav lifts,

portable gun station

portable fusion cores

portable trip mines

what else would be better, portable? I'm getting rather excited for this stuff.
And a... Power Drainer? (in the 7 Minute Last Resort vid [never actually uses it]{where the active camo is}). Ok, We'll see how that turns out.

and, "Portable fusion cores"? :confused never saw that one.

Oh, you're missing something in that list, what was it, oh yeah, um, BUBBLE SHIELDS! ;-)
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