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woody 543

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Hi i am from the uk an i wondered if anyone has made it living in the uk because i dont know what to use for it

we dont have "cardstock over here"

and i was wondering where the best place to buy from the uk was

would post in pep section but i cant :mad: :cry:

edit: also where is best to buy resin? and fibreglass in the uk ofcourse
i live in the usa but have spent my fair share of time in england. i think what you should do is go to a office store and just say

"hey man do you know where i could get the thicker kind of paper to print out bissiness cards on"

and they would say "sure right this way man."

then theyed tell ya about how they could print em for ya and stuff but say youd rather do it yourself.
yeh but theres no such thing in the uk unless there disquising it as a diff name!

still prefer the business card secret mission lol
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