*Un-official* Midwest Meet-up interest

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------------------------------ Un-official ------------------------------
I just wanted to throw a quick post together to guage the potential interest for a Midwest meet up in St. Louis.

With MrJamin sending out the official Midwest flags recently I was planning on doing a small photo shoot at the St. Louis arch in armor and with with the flag being the main prop. The original plan is to do the shoot by myself and just the photographer but I wanted to open it up to see if anyone else would be interested, specifically anyone in the nearby area and missouri.

I dont have a particular date in mind yet but I would like to try by the end of the year. I've also still have to do some scouting for where would be the best spot to take pictures from as well. If you would be interested please let me know in the thread and we can see about planning for a larger meet up.

This would definitly be an un-official meet up and completely voluntary event if that wasn't already clear and might not even happen. Though I will at least be doing the shoot by myself at some point.

------------------------------ Un-official ------------------------------​
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