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I've been talking with a local halo cosplayer Michigan Master Chief and he had an idea for a photoshoot at a park in the UP of Michigan after visiting last summer. He had asked me to post something on the forums asking in anyone else would be interested in joining us. I will be there along him and afew others joing as well, he would like around 10-15 halo cosplay but we'll gladly accept any how would like to come. Any questions I'll try and get to them asap

Location: Rock Quarry Recreational Park, Naubinway, MI 49762

Date/Time: Saturday Sept 9th 2023, meet-up around 2-3pm est
Does he have a forum account? we would love to see his work here as well in addition to his invite.
hmm interesting. That's a bit far for me so I probably won't be able to come. I will double check what that weekend looks like for me and get back...
edit: Sry that'll have to be a no for me
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I'd recommend getting him on the forum before we try to organize an event for this person. While I'm totally for the idea they should have a presence here if they are requesting 405th members to come in some capacity in my opinion
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