Undersuit from the game

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Hey all!
My new project is to make teh same undersuit like in HALO 3. I'll use kelvar with some pandding for the soulder, back, breast, leg, arm. I don't know how much time that will take for me to do and how much that will cost but, i'm ready to make one!

Kevlar isnt heavy its just during the process of joining the different sheets of it for the kevlar helmets that makes it heavy. However it will be very hot for an undersuit.
Wow, isn´t Kevlar VERY expensive? I mean its bullet proof doo-doo... Still THAT WOULD BE VERY VERY AWESOME! Just make sure you post enough pictures for me to make something alike! If you don´t mind!

The kelvar I have used at work is like heavy yellow fiberglass cloth. It would be stiff for a clothing fabric application. I don't think it takes dye either. You need special shears to cut it or a hot knife. Also it abrades easily sheading loose hair-like fibers.

We currently use it as a handle reinforcements sandwiched between layers of nomex in the walls of cargo bags for space flight.

You create a "i'm going to make" thread, and it will be closed. You must have real questions, or pictures.
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