UNSC Army Airborne


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Well after lurking forever on here I've finally decided to build my first set of armor. My plan is make a set of Army Airborne armor. Since it's not a seen group I'm basing it off the Halopedia conjecture and based off of the descriptions of different Reach armor descriptions. The gear will be as follows:

Air Assault Helmet
Army Body Armor
Replace the Standard Chest Piece with the Hard Point Chest
FJ/Para Shoulders and Knee-pads
Thigh Panels with Trauma Pack
Custom BDUs based of the ones in Reach using Multicam Tropic Fabric
Coyote Brown Boots

Either a M392 DMR or a M6J/C


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First update of the build is the FJ/Para shoulder is pepped. The plan is to pep only one of if the shoulders and then either cast or vacuform it. The next challenge is pepping the Air Assault helmet by Satchmo III and the hunting down foam patterns of the FJ/Para kneepads and the Reach Army body armor.

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