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For those who don't understand, the title is pretty much 'United Nations Space Command - United States Space Command?'

What I am trying to say is, I feel that Halo is too American. There isn't a lot of diversity - nationality wise.
As a Briton, I would love to see British regiments and divisions and such integrated into the UNSC, for example, an elite outfit of the Marine Corps, (you guessed it) a Royal Marine regiment, or SAS ODST.. Maybe a UNSC Frigate sporting a huge Union Jack on the side, heck even a HMS prefix.
Obviously it's not just the USA and UK in the world today, you could also have the famous Indian Ghurkas in the Army (I mean, Emile DOES have a Kukri after all) or a German Scorpion and whatever other tank division. Russian divisions in the Air Force, Canadian Peacekeeping forces and etc, and each different troop should in some way reflect their nationality because pride is a very strong thing, and there's no way for a second I believe that after 500 years, we'd all be stomped into the ground and turned into an American megastate..

I understand it would be hard to have a million different variations of a troop in the game, hence why we have the difference in Elites and Jackals between 3 and 4.. But something like a cutscene or something would be cool, think back to the UNSC Union Jack kicking ass in a space battle for this...

I for one would love to see a second ODST game based around a British Paratrooper/SAS ODST squad but that's kinda off topic so :b

What is everyone else's thoughts?
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I haven't really noticed that. I am part way through ODST right now and the last soldier I met in the game was Australian.

"I'm just a witness"
I'm talking more about Divisions and Regiments and such, not characters :b
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Ahhhhhhh I see. Well, given that human population has spread across the galaxy and soldiers are trained as much on other planets as on earth I don't know that you would necessarily have country-specific regiments and divisions in the future. I mean do "Great Britain" and the "U.S.A." (Or Canada) even exist?

I understand why there is an American angle in the writing and creation, but that is mostly due
to the fact that the US is the biggest market.

It is an interesting idea though....

"I'm just a witness"
I haven't really noticed that. I am part way through ODST right now and the last soldier I met in the game was Australian.

Most likely South African - the accents are similar, but do bear in mind that the setting for the earlier portions of Halo 2 and Halo 3, and the entirety of Halo 3: ODST, all take place in New Mombasa.

As for the thread subject: I have a feeling that nationalities and national armed forces as they might exist in the Halo universe would simply be rolled into the larger UNSC - of course, there would exist 'local' divisions and garrisons (I believe the 405th itself is supposed to have been based in Diego Garcia, and that the island itself is still a British territory), but as a wider space-faring military, I doubt that nationalities would play such a large role as they do nowadays.

That said, seeing further examples of other nationalities and cultural identities wouldn't be such a bad thing.
The kilo 5 group the odsts are eastern European. Alot of the book characters for that matter tend to be slavic accents. If you read there descriptions. Of course you have Dutch in the odst. In halo 4 one of the Spartans in majestic whos name escapes me is from south America. I think it is the other way i think alot of halo tries to stay away from america. Each country has its own army. But the Unsc is above them they have there army and marines the ODST are the best of the best recruited from all the military groups. Spartans being recruited now from those ranks
As previous posts mention, the books have a bit more diversity as far as character nationality. As for the games, I think it's just the product of it being an American game. I agree though, it would be cool to see divisions of soldiers from other countries. I think the UNSC is pretty standardized, so I doubt you'd see many flags like the Union Jack, but I could totally see a group of soldiers that joined up together being placed in a squad together.
Just to nitpick:

The kilo 5 group the odsts are eastern European.

Representing nationalities from Russia, the UK, and Northern America. One out of three isn't bad though :p

Of course you have Dutch in the odst.

'Dutch' is a nickname. The character is actually from Mars.

In halo 4 one of the Spartans in majestic whos name escapes me is from south America.

The only member of Majestic originating from Earth is Gabriel Thorne, who hails from Arizona.

Halo gets a lot of cultural identity from the colonies it features - Reach had a heavily Hungarian influence, for example. A lot of the extended universe has, as has been discussed, featured diverse cultures (Scottish, American, Australian, African, so on and so forth).
Ugh, no. Just NO.
It is UNSC - United NATIONS.
NATIONS, not States.
Nations as all nations of humankind.
Nations actually kinda divide. Do you think, when humanity spread across galaxy - colonized so many planets in many solar systems - Inner and Outer Colonies, they still care as much for their separate nations?
They all UNSC. United.
There are still different cultures - we hear many accents and even languages, and majority of the characters come from different planets.
I wouldn't say a character is "american" just because he has the accent - where in reality he wasn't even born on Earth... like it was said - you didn't have to be born, raised or even visited Earth, but it was still considered Home.
guys GUYS I'm not talking about the individuals!!

These things sort of go hand in hand, though. The point of the UNSC as a space-faring organisation is that the military has transcended the idea of country-specific military, so while you'll find characters in the universe that herald from certain countries, it's less likely that you'll see country-specific military organisations operating within the UNSC.

I don't doubt that certain divisions and regiments may still carry the cultural identities of the country in which they were raised - after all, if the UNSC were to pull from a pool of recruits based in the UK, it's likely you'd find the resulting unit to carry some identity of its origins - however, I'm more given to believe that country-specific units, such as the SAS or the US Marines, wouldn't exist in the manner in which we currently know them. There's little point to them, if the planet is united under the common banner of the UNSC.
guys that's what the UEG was all about, having read the books its pretty much one army over the whole planet.
You can think of it. Like the UN adopted the mentality of the french foreign legion
I try not to think......it hurts too much. I think the point that Mesh it try to make is that he feels that HALO is to Americanized.....Correct me if I'm wrong.....but who is to say what culture on Earth survives till the HALO era? I'm still reading the books and still in the middle of H4 and have yet to pinpoint who is from where and what their origins could be......what I'm saying is that although the initial feel is American......isn't America the "Melting Pot" of the current time? Everyone is welcome and as it says on the Statue of Liberty:

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

I truly believe that the UNSC is all nations, all nationalities,all religions in a semi-quasi-harmonious "Being". Perhaps we just haven't seen other aspects of this world yet (H6, H7, H8....ect...ect...) Granted there are, and always be people that think and behave differently..... I'm not going in to today's times and today's issues, not opening that can of worms....but for the HALO aspect of it....they have their own issues. Let's leave it at that.

Sorry Mesh, I can see your point about Americanization.....but lets be fair.......It a GAME!!!! A Great game.....and who knows......Perhaps in the future the UK takes over the world........The dawn of the 2nd Empire of Great Britain. Copy write that please.........;)

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What I just think - UNSC is all humanity united. All nationalities and cultures, all humanity together.
We are talking about galaxy here. If one wants to have nationalities divided on Earth, imagine Earth x1000 times and then... you'd have A LOT of paperwork, lol. That's why they made UNSC as united human forces, because galaxy is so much bigger than Earth and the more divided humanity would be, the weaker it also would be.
That's why there are no regional regiments. You'd want British regiment. What regiments would you like as well? These from hundreds of planets? Make some few regiments per each planet... Ugh.. nope.o.o
UEG is just Unified Earth Government, while UNSC is army of all sorts.
There are many planets with many cities and cultures. There was a hungarian city where Jorge was born, if I remember correctly.

Also... To be honest, I've never been to America or United Kingdom, just other European countries and Halo doesn't feel American. Some characters do, but why not? It depends on the culture and people they grew up with.
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