343i has gotten with USO on inviting prior and active US service members for a Veterans Day event, it’s free however you do have to register for a ticket, the event is in novermber ninth from 5pm to 8pm

Here’s the link: blackthorn ⋮ Events
Typically 343i always likes costumes. The venue would be the only kicker and it looks like this one is at 343i studios considering there is a museum tour.

Also, as Arc mentioned.. Limited space + giveaways is a great combo! Let us know how it went if anyone goes.
After registering on USO you should receive and email like this for your “ticket”/ check-in
We have been given the green light for costumes! With this I’d like everyone to keep in mind that it’s only a 3 hour event, hope to see my fellow service members there!
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