Vacuumforming Clay?

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From what I've researched on vacuumforming, most people have used plaster or something of the like to vacuumform. Is there something wrong with using a clay mold? What will happen?

On a side note, what would happen if someone were to try and reheat molded plastic? Would it warp too badly?

Sorry about all these questions, but I'm trying to do some research so I can make a CQB suit. I'd appreciate any help anyone can offer. Thanks ahead of time.
I believe vacuforming clay would probably not work. Vacuforming is heating plastic and then shaping it over a mold. If you're using clay, you'd be better off to just sculpt it by hand. I don't know too much about vacuforming yet though cuz I still haven't had the time (or money) to get together a vacuforming table. Just hit up one of the star wars forums. Almost all stormtrooper costumes are made with vacuforming.
the heat from the plastic well soften the clay and well not keep its shape for every long
Either that or, depending on the type of clay you're using, the heat from the plastic could dry it out and cause it to crack or crumble. Either way, you'd risk losing some of the detail on the master. You wouldn't want your efforts to be in vain :whistle:

Your best option would be to make a fiberglass mold from the clay master, then you wouldn't have to worry about ruining the master... ;)
It'll collapse UNLESS you use polymer clay, like Sculpey, that you can bake in your home oven. Polymer clay never dries until it's baked, and it can be smoothed out quite well. Most sculptors of toys and action figures either use Super Sculpey exclusively, or a combination of Super Sculpey and wax (but don't try to vacform over wax).
Dont even think about it. My years of prop building and vac forming this would be the biggest waste of your money you could possibly do to achieve the armor.
Sculpy even when baked (which you can doubtfully get a piece of sculpy that big and baked without it cracking severly) will stick the plastic when heated. Make wood molds if you are going to vac form.
Great advice. I didn't know that. I always sealed my small Sculpey stuff with urethane before vacforming, because someone a long time ago told me to. Never really knew why.
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