Video Capture Card?

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go onto and look through stuff there, they are a machinima website that have done fairly well, i have a capture card myself but its on a dazzle 90 so no the best, look on google search for "xbox 360 capture cards" you should find some stuff.
what would the price of those end up being? because i got one off of ebay, and it doesnt work for crap... :rolleyes can never trust ebay...
Mine is 40 dollars, works with cable TV, component cables, and sv video, works well. FOrget model name, but it is made by MSI.
the prices can go high for capture cards (CC) you will find that the higher end market ones will have better quality but also be more complex just depends on how much you are willing to spend and how much time your willing to learn the program and hardware inside out.
usually the software is easy, it's just like a TV, theres a settings menu for color, sharpness and such, sound quality, and picture source, meaning hdmi, component, or composite, or s video, you can also record and choose the quality, to record your game replays, just play the replay and record at the same time, on the same source.
not always, unless you count the first capture card i bought from there, it turned out to be broken =[ so i would look around in computer shops etc.
lol i must be mentally challenged becuase i cant find one on the internet, can anyone give me a link for a 10-50$ one? :p
Keegan said:
lol i must be mentally challenged becuase i cant find one on the internet, can anyone give me a link for a 10-50$ one? :p

well external sometimes are more expensive but if you can really afford to get something put into your computer then buy one of these

Capture Card

"Easily connect a DVD player, VCR or a game console to your PC with the S-Video and composite A/V jack. Sabrent PC to TV can also record, now you can watch TV on your monitor and record your favorite show at the same time."

you want to buy a splitter not sure what type as i don't know what connectors are there but the splitter allows you to watch on your TV and record on your pc to help stop video lag, basically when you record on your pc it will lag so if you have it on your TV it won't lag so just click to record and look at your TV do what you need stop recording and there you go =] i should get one of these lol

ok i found the connectors here iw hat you will need i think...:


with the blue audio in connector you will need a Phono Jack if you live in the US go to radioshack i have no idea why its called that. bear with me i live in the UK so yeah.

the phono jack should look something like this

basically it plugs the to audio calbes into one and this then plugs into that blue socket. if you want no static and stuff go for gold plated as less resistance in gold will allow sound to be heard clearer (in theory) or just make your computer look nice. the front end male part should be 3.5mm or 3.55mm.

now this is the tricky part you need to get a splitter so that you can have video still going to your xbox, sound is important as long as you have video on your TV its fine, basically the video cable plugs into this splitter and you can then buy another video cable which plugs into your TV and the splitter splits the signal so that it goes to TV and PC now you have to connect that free video cable into a s-video component converter, i can't find one now but if you just plug it in that then goes to the capture card in the back of the computer.

I hope this helped if you have any other questions just ask.
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this is the correct one which you will use for your standard composit red/white cables for the xbox360.


I use that for my TV vapture card, my PS3 with component cables, and other audio stuff. Cost 5 dollars at radio shack found in the guitar area, they may carry the new one shaped like crazy shief's but make sure it has red and white INPUT in the bottom.

Tell the nice guys you need a red/white composit to 3.5mm stereo jack.
ahem excuse me but i so happen to have that phono jack and it is ambidextrous (doesn't matter about colour you can have it what ever way you want red white, white red doesn't matter) it doesn't matter which audio plug in goes in and it saves space, i have it for my LCD TV and it works so research next time please. i got my little thing for £3.99 and its gold plated meaning less resistance on electrical current.
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