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What's even the best way to start these things?

Alright this idea has been buzzing in my head ever since I started working on getting my membership with the 405th, and since C2E2 just wrapped up this probably isn't the best time for some. But luckily this project doesn't have a due date for the next couple of months. I know not everyone has the time/luxury of putting on their suit and filming for a few hours.

But what's the project?
The project is a collaboration between any members who wish to participate. The idea is for members to submit a clip reminiscent of the introduction of a character during a sitcom intro (Do something random, turn to the camera, smile)

How do I participate?

All you have to do is film a 5-15 second clip of you. You could be doing anything related to halo, suit/prop building, or doing something in your suit.

Some key shots I'm looking for are:
  • (Suit) Getting out of bed
  • (Crafting) Respirator and Spray paint
  • (Any) Playing with toy guns or figurines
  • (Suit) Walking in the door | "Honey I'm Home"
You can submit more than one entry. Please keep it to a minimum of 3 submissions

BONUS: We're also making a custom laugh track. You can either submit a video file or an audio file.

Once you've filmed your clip submit it to the Google Docs Folder

Due Date: TBD

Participating Members:
-SGT Razor

Intro Ideas:
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How can I refuse such an offer.........do we have to insert a laugh track?
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