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Do you think they should make Halo 1, Halo 2, and Halo 3 again but in virtual reality on a platform that moves in every single direction when you walk or run?
virtuial reality

Ok the pros and cons about the two systems. Pros for the PS3 is the pretty good graphics and the con would be it's going to taint the name and rep. for Halo. And for the wii the pro would be the hand controller and the cons would be the lack of graphics and it would still taint the name and rep. for Halo.
if they ever make halo for anything but the xbox and the computer i will kill myself. and if you think they should you are a traitor to the people who call themselves halo fans.
i meen like if some 1 that is to poor (like me) that only can get\have a ps2\3 and like halo thay should make 1 for it ok god that is all i meent
if you have ps3 you are not poor that piece of crap was over $500 dollars so your an idiot the only reason halo is any good is because its only for xbox.
Sorry to hear about that MC.

Getting back on topic, I think that the VR Halo is a bit of a fantasy.

By the time that those VR/MoCap game systems hit the mainstream I'm sure that some other FPS will take advantage of it, but Halo will probably be a distant memory. I've seen games in development for arcade centers and amusement parks that utilize this, but I'd have to say that the odds of Bungie every getting into that tiny little market are very slim.
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