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Should we be at war atm?

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In the UNSC and military hype up thread every one was debating.So I am making a debate thread to keep the dabates out of that thread.

there has been alot posted in the UNSC and military hype up thread that could be applied here.Ill post some of my postings here first.

I think that all the stuff previously said/done about gays in the military was bs.If you volunteer you should be able to go.

Also I think we have no bissness in Iraq and dont need to be over there...were just sending people over here to die for oil so bush can get rich.Well what does he have to do only apply his ok on bills and contracts?And hes got cabinet members for every thing else.The only way the prez has power is when his/her country goes to war...which if you haven't noticed we are

.And I don't think we were int he crossfire at all...and we got a threat that 7/11 would happen but bush still didn't do nething...and has any one seen Fahrenheit 11 or whatever that movie is called..Personally we shouldn't be over there in my opinion.

NOTE:please don't get to over heated over this forum/contents here...I don't want any one banned b/c of this forum.


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Well I planed on being a lawyer the senator then prez then dictator of the us and I would rule the united states of America.<if I made a party it would be the lawstiks{Vote David Mcdermott in the future}>But back to subject, If we really wanted to get rif of the terrists we need to make a line of troops all across the middle east and just sweep though.Reaalistically that would be pretty hard to do but hpw else we got to one city then the terrists move to another then vice versa...it will never end...the third world war has began.<well idk about the ww3 comment>

Abortion? Why not? If you cant support a child I think you have the right to have an abortion.All the religious ppl who don't want abortions legal are just plain out of mind.If you have a child and cant care for it Then he grows up messed up or dies.Just b/c a group of people have a certian veiw of things and dont want abortions legel inst right...this is the land of the free and we should be able to make our own decisions.

And stem cell research for me is a denfinate go.If the people being used are volunteers.If you know what your getting into and it could be way beneficial why not...religion seems to have to many rules and contridicts almost everything we do.

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As someone who has some experience in geology and oil I'd like to say a couple things.

First let me give you the lowdown on the resevoir characteristics of the major oil fields of the world. There are very few of the big boys (3 billion barrel plus) left that have been untapped or not found. It is currently thought that there are seven such ones expected to be produced in the next four years.

One on the ivory coast.

One in Kuwait

One bridging the Iraq/Iran border

Two in Saudi Arabia

One in Alaska

One in China

That is the reason that Iraq is of interest to petroleum people in the first place.

The whole "Iraq for oil." issue is around because Hussein nationalized the oil industry in Iraq, basically taking over all of the installations folks like BP had built there.

With Iraq democratized, it gave the oil companies a chance to come back.

Well...you would think it would have. To date very little oil has actually come from Iraq. Right now with everything still in flux, they are mostly pursueing domestic sources and exploration of the West coast of Africa.

The only thing that has helped them is that Saddam is no longer able to flood the market with oil to make a quick buck and drop prices. This means that oil is up in price and they're living high on the hog. Still he was only a single minor player, slightly more important than Venezuela. The top dogs of OPEC are the real pipe squeezers.

If you really want to know what's going on in the world in relation to oil. pick up a copy of the latest AAPG (American Association of Petroleum Geologists) Explorer and take a look. You'll see stuff in there that won't make the news for months.

That is my area of expertise and the only thing I wish to comment on.
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These are my views:

Abortion: It's just a neccesary evil. It's wrong, but somtimes it can't be helped.

War: Not the smartest thing we've done. It helped free Iraq from Saddam, but it also cost us alot more. I agree w/ invading Afganistan, because of Osama Bin Laden, but Iraq...not so much.

I respect the President, but I don't agree with everthing he does.

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my view on abortion is:

if you are having a child before your 18, theres something wrong with you. But if you are going to have a child that you cant take care of, put it up for adoption. there is no need to kill a child that hasnt even had the chance to live.


My input

If you never wanted or planned to have kids thenwhywould you have $ex?
Especially if you did not use protection. I dont care what people say that is a living cell growing in you human tissue.

Granted my name is warmonger i only instigate wars on xbox live. Im not a hypocrite or anything. If we need to settle diputes by shooting guns and hijacking airplanes then maybe the human race has not evolved as much as everyone thinks.


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thread hijacking in 3rd post ?wow.

War is usually warranted, but at this point we're not doing anyone any good. So lets move on, and attack a new country.
Guys! I know I started this debate with the patton video, but Politics is a very dumb thing to argue about! Everyone has different views on everything! Unfortunately, we cant do anything about it. So can we please lock this post listen to some Draft Punk or something. This is a pointless thing to argue over unless you are a politic.
Warmonger said:
maybe were not politicians but everyone has a right to there opinion
but to be on the safe side lock it up
Absolutely, but this might turn into that meeting in Korea that was on RealTV where it got so bad on a discussion where they were actually fist fighting.
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Adam said:
thread hijacking in 3rd post ?wow.

War is usually warranted, but at this point we're not doing anyone any good. So lets move on, and attack a new country.
Lol, good one. Did you get my PM's Adam?

Hate to keep asking :$ops: .
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abandonship said:
my view on abortion is:

if you are having a child before your 18, theres something wrong with you. But if you are going to have a child that you cant take care of, put it up for adoption. there is no need to kill a child that hasnt even had the chance to live.
I whole heartedly agree.
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~The An incredible movie thread was deleted and this is a debate forum~

To me I believe in god. But I don't think its right when all the religious people can preach there religion, But when we say it to be false or present a different view we be shot down immediately, and are hated against.

Woh, easy mate. We were just stating our opinions. In our defense though, remarks like that which are clearly aimed at Christianity seem like a slap in the face for most of us that believe.
Well some of this stuff is our opinion to. If we don't believe in Jesus. Its our opinion. If you do its your opinion. Your allowed to post yours so why cant we. Like one person said...don't go against the majority. That just proves that some people cant say what they want to or believe without getting persecuted.

we're here to make armor, talk about halo and exruciationgly funny stuff... and so on.
^ Well why then do we post random stuff about movies and stuff we need help with and such? Why is the general talk thread there?
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to me religion is fine, until you try and shove it down my throat..... i think there may be some greater power up there, but organized religion is a load of crap to me....