Waterproof Foam Armor?

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Does anyone know if Plasti-dip is enough to keep foam armor waterproof? Not like I plan on jumping in a lake, but it would be nice to know if it started to rain or snow to know that my suit isn't going to be completely ruined. Or even if you have one of those moments where you take a drink from your water bottle and then all of a sudden your mouth magically moved and you have water dripping down your face onto your shirt? (Please tell me I'm not the only one that this happens to :p)

Actually, this whole question came up because I saw this NeverWet Liquid Repelling Treatment

How sweet would it be to spray that on and all the water just beads right off?! It says it can't be used on clothing but maybe it could be used on top of your layers of Plasti-Dip and paint as a final coat?

QUICKLY, to the laboratory for experimenting! :cool:p


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I was actually going to pick up a can on the way home from work tomorrow to try it out on foam. If you get good results, post em please!


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Ifthe "Neverwet" doesn't work out I would imagine Flexseal might get the job done, and it can be painted as well. The only problem is I haven't found them anywhere for less than $16-20 per can. But if it does work out it's better to invest the $20 in a protective seal than to have to face the costs of repairing or outright replacing a ruined piece.


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its literally a spray rubber coating so as long as you coat everything evenly and thoroughly you should be just fine.
Yup, I have plastidip all over the top of my car and its waterproof as long as you seal with 3-4 coats, best part is its complely removable because its really a "rubber spray paint" essentially lol. Youtube plastidip removal
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