Whammy, got Guitar Hero III for the wii

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Its a blast. I mean, I like playing real guitar more, but its much harder and not nearly as easy to master. But its a hella lot of fun!



ya i like it a lot. i got it and beat it on easy one day later. then i beat it on medium. i like playing it its a lot of fun i hope they come out with more games like that
spartan -1 Caboose said:
I dont like guitar hero. I'm natively cellist, so It's doubly hard.

If i new were the buttons on the guitar were id probaly play it more often
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this might sound impossoble to believe but i gotta friend that can sometimes pass "Throught The Fire And Flames" on expert...im tryin to get to his house to make a vid of it...

me myself i already beat it on medium and easy and im stuck on "Cliffs Of Dover" on hard...grrr

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