What are your thoughts on the 405th fighting the 501st in a nerf war?

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I was chatting on the 405th discord, and we joked about having a nerf war at one point. I then suggested that the 405th could have a giant nerf war against the 501st. I quickly learned that the 405th and the 501st are sort of related because we fall under RPF. What would your thoughts be on a nerf war between the two cosplay groups? What games would we play? Could we make it a charitable event?
Stormtroopers always miss:lol:
Hey all....the 501st does not fall under the RPF. It is a very separate group.
I don't know how may times I have to go over it with our members here, but there is no "Rivalry," there is no "Competition," there is no "Feud" or "Bad Blood." The 501st is a very successful, long standing, separate independent organization who deserves only our mutual respect for the fact that we are also Costuming Fan Clubs.

Many of you posting in this thread might think you are doing so "All In Good Fun" or with no ill intention, however, it is an unpleasant fact that multiple times in the past 405th members have taken it upon themselves to take this "joke" to far and post mean spirited comments on 501st Garrison and Main Legion Social Media, said things to 501st members at convention up to and including saying to the face of 501st members "We'll trash your booth and crash your panels!" Threads like this can have unintended consequences like emboldening members to act in that fashion, which casts a poor light on all of our members.

I take the respectful treatment treatment of other Organizations very seriously, so while you might think you are just harmlessly joking around, I would advise you to take a moment and think about what you are posting and how it reflects on the 405th and how your words can be interpenetrated.
Oh... I didn't think about it this way, I had no idea there were some unpleasent situations like this and to be honest I consider joining 501st when I finish purge trooper costume. I'm sorry... Prervious post might not be really aproperiate...
Cadet is entirely correct. I didn't realize that people took these jokes too far. I didn't think 405th members actually got as aggressive as Cadet claims. We should stop posting these types of jokes, but I want to keep the thread up with Cadets post as a lesson and reminder why we shouldn't pursue this kind of behavior.
I whole heartedly agree with keeping it respectful. However I believe the thread should stay because at it's core it is a friendly way for the 2 communities to possibly have a fun interaction.
But I have not had the unpleasant experience of dealing with these bad situations you are referring to. I am relatively new but I can also understand how small comments can snowball into a situation nobody wants to be involved in.
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