What can i do to make my suit look better?

how my suit look?

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So i feel like mine doesn't look that good at all. What are some improvements that i can do to make my suit look better, like also helmet upgrades, in side i try to run a small fan and a wireless headset for a PA speaker in my chest to talk to people due to how loud it gets at cons and also kind of hard to talk with helmet. Also whats a good way to help with fogging? I fog up so bad, i get at best one minute before im blind after putting it on, fan helps a little but not much. Hard to do much due to my head being so big and not much room to play with, just enough room for my fan and headset. All tips welcomed and thank you for reading my post, thanks


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For the fogging, you might want to increase the size of the fan. try not to increase the battery power becaues you might burn out the fans motor. Also, look into getting an anit-fog spray. There are plenty of those on the market. Amazon has a few. You might find that in a local eye glass shop or sporting-goods store that sells skiing equipment.

As far as your suit goes, you have some spots that would assuredly have scratch marks but don't (Knee, elbow, and shin) and you have scratch marks where you really shouldn't like at the point where the boosters attach to the back plate. The thighs are sitting too low on your legs and it looks like your shin pieces are a bit loose and rubbing together. It looks like they keep rotating around your leg. Also did you attach your knee pads to the shins? They are leaning forward too far. The curvature of the pauldrons are too flat. They could use a bit more contouring around your arm. Not much...they just look too flat. Give us a shot of the back........too critical?


the thighs sit low due i gained weight sadly, the newer looking parts are new, the first batch they were made way to big, so new ones were made and didnt have time to add the scratches and battle damage to them yet. the shins dont attach to the knees, what im probably going to do is cut my thigh armor in the back and add buckles to adjust to my thick thighs. then the things i do want to add like Velcro or clip on button to the shins and knees to stay in place.

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Suit doesn’t look bad at all!! Looks great! Just some fitment fixes will help a lot. Agree with Dirtdives need to get the thighs and shins where they belong. Then somehow eliminate the saggy crotch area of the undersuit I think that’s affecting your thighs as well. I think hose little tweaks do wonders in the overall appearance!