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Well... I've been reading all of the tuts 'round here, I've recently been interested in making an MC suit. Well, let's say you use that medium clay, make a mold of the helmet around a 1:1 manequin head, what do you do then? What do you use for the actual helmet that will go around the mold? Do you cut the helmet in half down the sides to get the manequin head out? Are there any tuts that explain or even show how to get from a mold that's on something like a head, to being finished and ready for painting?

I believe you need clarification of what a mold is: The clay that you put on the mannequin head is a Model.

The material you put on the outside of the model (usually silicone) that will be used to make casts of the helmet is the mold. There is no need to destroy the model to make the mold.

When you cast resin in the mold, you can simply leave the inside hollow giving you space for your head.
Hmm, so basically when I make the model, it needs to be a little bit smaller than the actual helmet size, right?

But what does one do after the model is made out of clay, and put on a manequin, after they make the silicone mold? Also, when you cast the resin, wouldn't you pour it in, and wouldn't it just fill the whole are inside of the helmet? I really need some pictures clarifying this.
First you make your supporting shell or mother mold around the silicone to make sure it will keep its shape when you cast. Then just pull the whole thing off the model.

And you don't pour the resin in, you brush it in or slush cast or 2 part inject it.

Search for Sean's Moldapalooza thread, it has lots of great pics.
Hey sigma can u use silicone from like a mastick gun? But with a silicone cartrige? I mean its all the same right?
I checked the Moldapalooza thread, didn't help much, most of the pics were down. :\

Does anyone know of any tutorials (Don't need to be Halo related) that tell you/show what to do from first making the object out of clay, then the whole process to making a mold out of it, and making the object? All I can really find is how to make the mold around an already made object to duplicate it.

EDIT: Actually, I found a great site in the tutorial sticky http://www.bioweapons.com/BIOWEAPONS/ It's exactly what I wanted.

Does anyone have anymore sites like this? Or any sites that explain what to mix to make silicones ect.?
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