What should I 'attempt' to make a Halo 4 Assault Rifle from?


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Johnny Knoxville;655673 said:
Well, I have tried...
Wood (Went normal... My dad made me that)
Pepakura (Went ok from the side, but it looked all warped)
Cardboard (Went REALLY bad)
and I got my great uncle to import a buzz bee toy in to the UK for me.
So, I was wondering... What should I make it out of? I can get hold of CNC machines, but I'm worried if I do that, since its metal, it's going to be really heavy.

Any tips or ideas?
Here is the best example of weapons I have seen.

You may want to research where he got his files as it seems the were the exploded versions. I would therefore assume you're dad could import the files very easily to the Cnc program. Good luck.