What will you do for the 405th

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If we are to become an actual group the group should have functions to attend. I think there should be several yearly events, such as but not limited to...

Parade Marches (thanksgiving, christmas, and easter)
Conventions (game, comic, and anime)
Live action Blood Gulch RvB episode re-inactment for charity (pending RvB Approval and Charity)
Divisional special events and philanthropy
Reports of events to HQ (adam)

Perhaps a scheduling of a 405th.com Convention sometime next summer would be a good Idea, could become an anual event
unfortuantly to effectivly organize this many people we need to run this like a business, and as such need approval from bungie/ m$
for their i.p. and as we are all aware this process may take years to create. The bright side is that we will have an effective way to bring about our organization while helping others to raise funds and enjoy life. For those who are "incharge" of this operation (as we don't yet have permission so I don't want to say we are doing it) you may want to look into non-profit organization, and other ideas. As I am sure many of us have run or are running business (myself included) I'm sure we can put our collective knowledge to good use.
Agreed, the 405th is starting to grow. (Hurray) Seems like it would loads of fun to host/participate in events such as those listed above. I say we definitely keep the idea alive and dig into it more.
Armor disco night, all people in a 4 hour radius of an areas will meet up, go to the mall, go disco, then go out to eat.
I say that we create a code of conduct while in uniform. If we represent the 405th, then we have to act responsible.
As Vader, I've done charity events and parades. As a Spartan, I would do the same.
I don't do conventions. And this may sound a little funny, but I want the work I've done on my stuff to help people, not bring attention to myself. I'm not a glory hound, because I know that it's not me they want to see, it's the character I'm portraying. Take the mask off and things get ugly real quick!

I would like to do the walks/runs too, because in Vader it's tough because I sometimes step on the cape. As a Spartan, I think it would be a lot easier...
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