What's everyone's thoughts on the Moa Burger Pringles?


The Moa Burger Pringles have been on the shelves of Walmart for a few days now. I am interested in sharing my opinion and hearing the opinions of others about how Pringle has frankensteined this fictional flavor.

My first taste had a subtle, salty cheese flavor hinting towards a cheeseburger. Then, a beef ramen packet crept out of hiding and created a lingering aftertaste. It certainly isn't a good flavor, but once the salt and fats trigger my appetite, I find myself going back for more. Once I am able to put them down, I don't see myself picking them back up too often. I say this is after eating over a can of them in one day. Upon a google search, I find that the flavor is based on beef and ginger. If the Pringle chemists were tasked with putting an ostrich burger into a Pringle chip, I would be significantly more satisfied.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being an unspeakable flavor, 10 being a gift from the heavens and 5 being average) I give it a 4. They're certainly not sour cream and onion Pringles, but they aren't quite an abomination from hell (at least, not to me). Saving a can just to have as an artifact or decoration may seem strange, but based on the flavor trapped inside, it might be best that it remained unopened.
I bought two cans of it. One to taste and one for for collector's purpose. I could only eat a few. I'd give it a 4 also. Seems like they just slapped a Halo title to outdated Pringles in my opinion. Was not impressed. Artwork is nice and they make a nice addition to my collection but that's it.
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