Where to buy, or how to make an ODST visor

Arthur Pendrago

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Hey everybody, I am just about to finish my first ODST helmet, I am currently painting it. I have looked around a lot for what to do about the visor. At the moment I cannot for the life of me find a place to buy one and most people suggest thermo-forming one, which is not an option for me. I am really looking for any place to buy one or any solid tutorials on how to make one yourself without a thermo-forming machine and table. Thank you for any help that you all can provide.

Sean Anwalt

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Andrew dft on YouTube has an ODST tutorial in which he uses clear colored filling folders to create a visor.

Otherwise, I myself am not sure


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If you can make a vacuum forming rig, that is how most make theirs. There are some of us who actually do sell them, but depending on how you made your helmet, and size, they might not fit correctly


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This is the visor material that I believe Coreforge is referring to.

I winged a template and folded into shape. It's held together with clear packing tape.


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I did a similar method, but it did not come out near as good as paiganboi. I traced directly from pepakura, but the tabs made it hard to do. If it was a straight line it may have done better, but the packing tape idea is generous! wish I would have thought of that!


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oooo my turn! I did Elcorio method where I used the pep template from my helmet scale and modified it. gave a little extra distance and cut flaps to connect with contact cement on the inside.

IMG_20191014_220846.jpg IMG_20191013_141258.jpg IMG_20191014_200645.jpg IMG_20191014_220917_989.jpg IMG_20191015_074431.jpg received_511404139407118.jpeg
check the pictures to get the idea, i think it turned out pretty good. I also used the icon props visor sheets like PaiganBoi did.
(I didn't cut the divit in the top piece though. left it plus added a little to the top so I could mount it in the helmet.)
(also be careful that glue doesn't show on the outside piece)