where to start with clay?

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Ok, first off I would like t state that I am NOT a begginer mold-maker. I know a TON about it and usually cast my parts from pepakura. I would just like to know how to make some good clay sculpts, or if people like Adam who make these clay sculpts are professionals. I know to put it on a manequins head and used oil based clsy but i just don't know how to make a good sculpt. any help will be appreciated.

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Arthraxis said:
You put it on the head of the manequin and sculpt it.

Yes! It's really that easy.
*Laughs* Sweet.

I think what he's trying to say is that there's no "magic" way to make a sculpt, other than have a lot of time on your hands, and some basic tools for working with clay that will allow you to shape and get different effects.
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how many lbs of clay do you typically use for, lets say, a helmet?

(never sculpted before, only pep )
It would be best to have around 25-30 lbs., especially if you don't have a mannequin head to mold on.

As far as shaping and such goes, either look at the reference photos for Mark VI armor here, or you can just fire up Halo 3. Start a quick local game, quit out, then go into theater, pause it so you won't have to worry about time, and just fly around yourself with the camera, looking and taking notes about pieces and parts you need reference on.
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