Who is leading this 405th

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Hey, so who is acuatlly going to be the leaders of the 405th, because i would like to get in on it if i could as at least a garrison CO or something, but hey i would just like to know who the leader of the whole thing is
Bluerealm, Adam, honest_insanity, Ben, me and a few others are all kind of in the same area of texas so I would assume we would all be part of the same squad with Adam as leader.

Just my .02 cents.
falcon NL said:
eeuuh Adam, Sean, Link? Maybe BlueRealm, but I'm not sure hf he hase interest in the UNSC 405th

Well i am hoping that you guys get the website up and going*so we can it organized all ovdr the states, we need to show the 501st what we got lol. I would like to be the head of the indiana garrison/unit
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Calm down people, positions will be Assigned when the 405th officially begins.
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honest insanity is right.

we're all jumping way to far ahead.
Adam is our ring leader right now, as is Sean and Link.
Pretty much the current mods are our leaders.

And as to future leaders, don't ask for permission, if they think you're fit, they'll put you in charge of something.
You guys keep your shirts on and wait.
We need an official nod before anything is decided.
Sarge Christi said:
We need an official nod before anything is decided.

oh yeah, when do we get the official nod?????!?!

Are we even going to get it?
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In time.
A big business like Bungie while not immediately answer our request.
You guys have to understand it.
A letter has been sent to them. So everyone, no worries.
well Sean is probably definetly a official rep. for Pennsylvania he lives 10 mins from my house but yea... no chance of me getting that lol
Thid discussion was had before, and I believe Link was chosen to reperesent the 405th. Picking a new leader ahouldn't happen every time somebody forgets those old posts..

We'll get a little more re-organized after the Halo 3 armor rush subsides.
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