Will Bungie Ever Officially Say What Happens To Masterchief At The End Of 3?


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I remember reading/hearing somewhere that Bungie claims that they aren't going back to making another game dealing with MC. What is erking me is that they seem to have a knack for it, considering the end of Halo wars...leaving it with something but just not enough. However, it is enough for them to play around with given that they choose to.

I don't even need another game, just say/show what happens. I *think* there was a rumor for a 4th game in which a small group went to that planet, but just a rumor. MC does not come back to earth, given that the halo "believe" vid. takes place 50 years after the war, and that MC is still "MIA"

I sound like a broken record here, but re-watching everything, and seeing that ending is just annoying that they have decided to not follow through for the sake of the story..
Halo: Reach is Bungie's last Halo game. Microsoft however... well it remains to be seen if 343 Studios will do any more Halo stuff. So who knows what will happen to John-117


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Bungie already confirmed that Marathon has nothing at all to do with Halo.

Besides, why the hell would you want to know what happened to the Master Chief? As far as I care, this is how it goes:

The Master Chief is now Cinderella. You remember about how, at the end of Cinderella, she rides off into the sunset with Prince Charming? What comes next?

"And they lived happily ever after".

That's it. The END. She is immortal. Nothing comes AFTER "and they lived happily ever after". You don't want to see Cindy going through menopause or drinking burbon in front of tacky mid-day sitcoms until you can see the varicose veins through the glass slippers! Nothing is meant to happen after the end of the story - she's been immortalised as the happy girl that's gotten everything she wished for.

Same deal with the Master Chief. He played his part and saved the universe, and that's it. Now he gets to float around in space and be immortalised in our memories. There is nothing at all that can top 'lol I saved the entire universe TWICE!' - he's just done. The entire point of the ending of Halo 3 was to leave in our memories the eternal hero waiting to be awakened one day if he's ever needed. There is nothing you can do for the Master Chief now that wouldn't make a potential sequel with him nothing more than just a hapless spin-off for profit.

And this is why I hate Disney's 'Cinderella Part 2'. I kid you not, I got a copy of that DVD just to burn.


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I see one great big problem with MC whether he is alive or dead, is'nt Gravemind still alive at the end of 3?


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No, It got destroyed when the Ark started to heat up.

And yeah, I agree with Arcanine. Let the Chief rest in piece. I wouldn't want to see a half-assed sequel just to make some more monies.

We'll wake him...When we need him.



Well I wouldn't mind having the chief having a small cameo in the HALO:REACH game, but from what i read in the gameinformer I doubt thats going to happen :(

(just wanna see the chief in action again)


+1 on what the Stig said. I literally FFFFUUUUUUUU'd when the chief said "I need to get stronger".

By bringing him back they wont keep the chief immortal anymore. Leaving it shrouded in mystery keeps his memory alive.


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I agree, the idea is that the Chief will always be out there to fight again should another threat rise. But until then, maybe he just wants some rest lol


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sirnaut said:
He lives in a van down by the river....... :rolleyes
Hahahaha, lol. :lol

Chris Farley was soooo funny!
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I wouldn't be surprised, if they mentioned something in a book, but with the Covenant disbanded, the flood destroyed, who's he going to fight? Although it really seemed like the planet he was heading towards was Onyx. I just pray there is no half-assed M$ sequel like everyone else said... I can't imagine him making a cameo in any of the games (with the exception of cutscenes), for it might be incredible sad watching him fight the Cov. or Flood.... They'd have to making him d@mn near invincible and a total b.a. for it to seem realistic, but who would want to play that?



That planet is not onyx. Chronologically, Onyx was "destroyed" during halo 3. Also, Onyx is just outside of UNSC controlled space whereas this planet is right next to the ark which is probably hundreds on lightyears away from Earth.


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Though they say Halo and Marathon are unrelated, I disagree.

To quote Robt McLees, "[The Halo Bible] is the ponderous collection of lies, damned lies, and half-truths from which the entire Halo Universe is constructed." Damned lies, eh? So, by that logic, Halo is constructed of their damned lie that Marathon is not related to Halo.


I mean, uh, if Bungie ever decides to capitalize on their open ending, I'd play such a game. If E. Nylund wrote a book on that open ending, I'd read it. However, if it is left be, I will just remember the actions of the last Spartan, who saved the entire galaxy. Not just humanity, but everything. And that will be enough. Not many protagonists can claim they did what they did in such a badass way. Of course, the Chief can't, either, because he's in Cryo aboard a severed Frigate somewhere between here and nowhere.


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Here's another angle then: The "Legendary" endings from the games. In Halo: CE, the legendary ending obviously shows that Sgt. Johnson gets blown up with the Elite he was fighting with. Johnson obviously carries on with the rest of the halo games, so what is up with that? So in Halo 3, the non-legendary ending leaves it with a good ending, and if it had been JUST that, then I'd probably not question, and leave MC's character to myth and legend. However, the extended ending just persists and screams at something else.

My views on what is cannon is what happens in the games and the novels. (not halo legends)


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I see what you did there

What did I do? Is it in a good way?

In Halo: CE, the legendary ending obviously shows that Sgt. Johnson gets blown up with the Elite he was fighting with.

Bungie said that the ending wasn't canon with the story.

Remember Jenkins in Halo: CE and Contact Harvest? Do you remember what happend to him on Halo? He got attacked by an old flood infection form. It wasn't as potent as the younger ones so it left him disformed.

Jenkins, Johnson, and a couple other UNSC marines(as well as the Chief of course) managed to get off the ring. I think there's a book somehwere of what happend to them, but I'm reading Halo: TCP right now so I guess it will have to wait.