WinterHuntsman’s ODST build WIP

It is finally ready for paint! Got everything including the clear coat. Should be painted by Friday.
Got the gray coat down. Looks good in the shade but is kinda light when in the sun though. Going to now tape up and cover the spots I don’t want red paint tonight and hopefully paint that soon.
Well a bit of an update. Painting is done but I ruined my visor. So I’ll need to order material again. When I tried gluing the material together, the glue basically removed that one way mirror effect on the spots it touched. Not only that, it was larger than the whole the visor was supposed to fit in.
I don’t know what to do now besides just ordering material again and giving it another shot. The helmet is all done except for the visor.
If anyone has ideas on what to do next time so I avoid these problems again?


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are you talking about installing the visor or creating the visor? when i made my visor i used contact cement and it was fine.
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