WinterHuntsman’s ODST build WIP

And I now have my shoulders done. The edges are nice and smooth it’s just my glue job that’s not as clean. Overall for my first time making any sort of armor I’m really impressed with the progress I have made.

Now I need to start making the breastplate for the chest and finish up the helmet.
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Sorry for no updates until now. Got really busy with my summer job and I also spent a lot of free time on the new computer I just built. Now I’m finding time again to work on everything again.
I just finished the last bit of spot fixing with bondo on the helmet. Once it’s all dry I can do the final bit of sanding and then it’s onto whatever the next step is. Just hope nothing happens to it while it sits in my garage overnight.
As for foam, I’m just cutting pieces out so no real update there.
Ok tomorrow’s weather looks good and I have the day off from work. I’ll be so happy to be done with sanding soon.
So up next is the primer painting, which I assume I use a normal white spray paint primer and then paining. I still need to figure out how to make the visor. I still got the templates from when I built the helmet from cardstock, so I got a pattern to follow at least.
I will post photos of the helmet when I finish sanding tomorrow.
Ok so the final sanding is taking longer than expected. Some of the bondo is still not 100% dry and is still malleable. I will see what I can do over the next couple days.
Just a heads up, the helmet is not going to be perfect, but I’m very proud of what I got so far. Next time I post I will have photos of the helmet before I prime it. Is there any recommend spray paint primer to use?


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you could also seal it up with 50/50. the paint will adhere to that better than to the foam directly.
I love doing this project but man is this helmet taking time to sand. I got a good start to almost being done right now, but going to take a break to run some errands. Hopefully there is still enough light left in the day that I can finish up today. If not by Friday. Got only 2 piece of the 150 grit sand paper left. Hopefully it’s enough. Here are photos of what I got done so far.





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I haven't gotten to that point yet. I'm sanding but I need to get into the recessed areas....I get the Popsicle stick ideas, but lets say its in an area that is deep into the helmet body the section by the cheeks.....WinterHuntsman has that area flush and its easily sanded as can be seen in his first pic........