Wireframe to foldout program.

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I was talking to the someone on the phone today and he said something that he heard of a program that was like you take a 3d model thats a wrie frame and you put in it to it and it makes like a picture file and when you print it out all you have to do is cut it out and fold it and you have your gun. He said he wasnt sure but he heard someone tell him. Any ideas of a program like this? It would be helpful!


:) Dootuz :)
LOL. I had no idea what that was. I thought it wa a kind of paper. :$ops!: I'm a cadets, thanks!
grr, your not a noob, you are just a CADET!!!

adam, what the hell are you doing, turn them into cadets. NOW! i think your hurting their self-esteem :p

sorry, just bugs me when people call themselves noobs/stupid/whatever
Thats what this forum is all about... start with the Tutorial, and then you can ask questions to move along from there.
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